12 Hills Dog Rescue is ready for a new year. In 2013 we managed the pound for our community. We saved over 100 dogs, but in the process overloaded the rescue.  In 2014 our goal is to get back and track with hopefully fewer dogs here at the rescue. We hope to be able to work more with other rescues–move more doggies and yes, “Find New Families” for the ones we rescue.

I am working hard to make our word press blog to be more of a website–with a calendar for volunteers and events.  I hope to have more time to do pictures and publish them so the public can see what we have.

If I could dream for just one moment–my dream for 2014 would be a way to provide a free spay and neuter clinic for our community. It is so needed to keep the puppy population down. I would also dream that each family that comes along to adopt, would find the perfect dog for their family, and love it forever.

I had better stop dreaming and get back to what this post is about.  A NEW BEGINNING FOR US AT 12 HILLS! More adventures are in store for us in 2014. 

Thanks to All of you that have adopted from us–those who have supported our mission in prayer and donations.  Let’s end this year in a good way and begin again!

Image OSCAR SAYS “Happy New Year–Everyone!”



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