You Need to See This One!



Talk about a cutie—and one of a kind. That describes Marabelle perfectly. She arrived at 12 Hills Dog Rescue this week from a local animal control. Marabelle appears to be a Bassett/Bulldog. She is very short in stature with beautiful liver coloring and markings, and then there is that American Bulldog face. I don’t think there is another one like her, and her personality matches her beauty. Marabelle is easy going and her smile seems to always be in place. She is looking for just the right family—we are going to be super picky finding just the right family for this “one in a million girl.”
She is a young dog, we are guessing 12 months or younger. We hope to find out more about her in the days ahead.
IMG_0277 (1024x768)


Let Me Tell You About Ajax!



Do you think Ajax is a male or female name? Well, Chuck gave me a ton of grief over her name. You see, no one looked close, and she looked like a male boy, and I was searching for an interesting name. Anyway, Ajax is a female dog–and her breed is a mystery to us. I looked in the dog book and she sort of looked like a Brussels Griffon, and since needs a breed for the posting. . . you understand.
So Ajax, is a very pretty, sweet lady and deserves a much better name. She came to us from a local animal control and is looking for a family to love her.
She is a large dog and should weigh around 40#. She gets along well with the others in the big kennel, and likes to be petted and loved. Ajax may be a non-shedding breed, but haven’t been with her enough to say for sure. Her coloring is black and brown with brown markings on the legs. She is a beautiful gal—inside and out.


Oh no, not pits again!  We have several pit puppies that have been acquired through the local animal control, and need help transporting them out of our area.  They are nice doggies, but very hard to find homes in our area, as the Omaha reservation does not allow the breed.  Also neighboring communities have banned the breed and hence the bad name has stuck, and the likelihood of adopting is slim.

I know there are rescues and people out there who love the Pit breeds and we ask for your help at this time.  We are running the rescue from our farm as a labor of love.  Our rescue has grown over the past and the love is there, but the labor is overwhelming. 

We are not asking for monies–but transportation help and for good families to adopt these little puppies.  You can find us online at and on 12 Hills Dog Rescue on Facebook.  Give us a call at 402-846-5100.

We love them all—-but life can sometimes become overwhelming and the PITS!

Should We or Shouldn’t We??? Is Non-Profit the Way to Go?

12 Hills Dog Rescue is undecided about a non-profit status. We are going to do more research and then decide.  I guess it depends on the Animal Control part that we are involved in right now. It started with a grant and the object was to save the dogs in our community.  If we don’t continue we fear that the pound in our community will return to killing the dogs after a few days.  We have heard that we could be part profit and part non-profit.  Guess that is what we should look into in the next few days.  Grants are great to help out, but when they run out, you are on your own. Why does everything involve so much paperwork???Image

What a Nice Guy!

Blackie is one of those dogs that you can rave about.  He came to 12 Hills Dog Rescue several months ago. He had been picked up by animal control, and no one came to claim him.  Why?? He is a loving, loyal and gets along great with all the other dogs here.  He would make a great family dog, and very loyal.  Why does he get overlooked? Maybe I am not doing my job telling everyone and showing his beauty.  So here he is Blackie, the Husky/Chow.Image