Oh no, not pits again!  We have several pit puppies that have been acquired through the local animal control, and need help transporting them out of our area.  They are nice doggies, but very hard to find homes in our area, as the Omaha reservation does not allow the breed.  Also neighboring communities have banned the breed and hence the bad name has stuck, and the likelihood of adopting is slim.

I know there are rescues and people out there who love the Pit breeds and we ask for your help at this time.  We are running the rescue from our farm as a labor of love.  Our rescue has grown over the past and the love is there, but the labor is overwhelming. 

We are not asking for monies–but transportation help and for good families to adopt these little puppies.  You can find us online at and on 12 Hills Dog Rescue on Facebook.  Give us a call at 402-846-5100.

We love them all—-but life can sometimes become overwhelming and the PITS!

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