You Can’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover

Or a dog for that matter. Recently a little Dachshund mix was picked up after being dumped beside the road. He was so thin, hungry and very scared. The family that caught him didn’t know what to think of him the way he was pulling and biting, at them. They told us that for a minute they considered that he was too mean to try and save. But they brought him to the rescue, and within an hour he was sitting on Chuck’s lap for comfort. By morning, he was giving kisses and laying his head on Chuck’s shoulder. We named him Mickey, and he is one of the sweetest little guys we have at the rescue. So, you see, you just never know.
Another dog, Betty was a mass of sores over skin and bones when she arrived. She has a beautiful soft grey coat now, and is so happy to be here.
Then poor old Boomer, was starving and so sick he couldn’t stand. Lots of love and tender care, and he is the King of the rescue.
So, just remember, that just like you can’t tell what a book is like by looking at it’s cover, you will sometimes find a hidden jewel when you try and look past some of the dogs out there that are neglected and abandoned.

Mickey, the next day after he was found! He is even more handsome, now.

Mickey, the next day after he was found! He is even more handsome, now.

Betty with her new coat.

Betty with her new coat.

Boomer so proud of his new sweater.

Boomer so proud of his new sweater.


Some Dogs Can Look at You and Melt Your Heart!

We rescued the sweetest female German Shepherd a couple weeks ago. She had been dumped, and thanks to a couple of kind ladies, she was saved from being hit by a truck.  She has the most beautiful eyes, and when she looks at you, those eyes seem to speak volumes.  We are assuming she isn’t all German Shepherd, because she has one blue eye and one brown one. She would make a great house dog. Lisa is quiet, and just wants to be close to someone that will love her. We prefer that she remain a house dog, as she seems to have that type of personality.

If you prefer an active dog, then Roy, the male German Shepherd, may be more your type. He is a strong dog, and very handsome. Roy looks like he is all German Shepherd to us.  Roy is a young dog, we are guessing around a year. He needs to be neutered, but I think he would be a great walking or jogging partner for someone who makes him part of their family.

Checkout both Roy and Lisa on our Facebook page.

Our BayBay

Bay is a beauty testimony of how a dog can experience healing, if given love and time. In other words, “don’t give up!” Bay came to us, so fearful that she was scary to be around. After several months of training and loving attention, she now loves people and knows that she doesn’t have to be afraid any longer.
Bay especially loves women, and kids, and is fine with men after she knows them.
She is house-trained,spayed and has had all her vaccinations. A beautiful black and white gal, that needs love, reassurance and a new forever family. If you are interested, give us a call and we will invite you to come and meet Bay for yourself.

Our Bay Bay!

Our Bay Bay!

Taking a Second Look

It’s been 2 months since I have been in the outside dog kennel, because of health issues. Yesterday was my first day back, and I was greeted and loved like I had never left. As I was cleaning kennels and talking to each one of the doggies, I was able to take a second look at each of them. Why have they been waiting so long? Is it because they are bad dogs, or do they have different personalities and quirks, just like you and me?

Max—came out of his kennel and ran around and loved us and we were his very best friends, and yet when he meets some people he is frightened, and comes across as a vicious dog. Well, he’s not. He will need a family, that can gently assure him that he is loved. A family that can see his potential. A handsome black Lab that needs a home.

Hunter, a big boy that has so much love to give, and he is still here? Why, is he overlooked? I don’t know. He loves people, kids, Just a handsome boy!

Iris, the pug mix–she is a smaller sized—medium dog, with a cute little pug face, and is black with a white blaze. She just needs a family!

Moochie–is always overlooked, and why? He is friendly, loves people and kids and has plenty of energy to go on walks with you each day, or can settle down and lay beside your feet and just be. He is neutered, and has a shiny black coat and white socks to boot! He is one of “Chuck’s Picks”

Red–My Baby! What a sweet boy–but looks pretty scary in his pictures. Red, has had a very tough life, before coming here, but he is always ready for a big hug and love, when I open his kennel door. He just needs a single person, or a couple that like big dogs. He is leash trained, neutered, and now needs a home where he doesn’t have to duck when talked to.

I spent some time loving Trina and found she has this sadness about her. Her eyes just talked to me and I wanted to cry. She was adopted once and we found she wants to be the only dog. That’s it–just doesn’t want to share your time with another dog. Yet, she is loving and very loyal. A couple would be perfect for her.

Frank, oh could I tell your stories about Frank! He hasn’t been with us as long as the others, but had some issues with chewing his toes. We think he had been hurt and had some nerves that needed to repair themselves.
Well, he is a handsome black dog with floppy years. Yes, he is going to be a big boy. He is a Great Dane mix. He needs a home that is active, so he can get the exercise he needs. He too, could use some training and at this time should probably be the only dog in the family. At least no other males. He is still under a year.

Magic, is so beautiful, with her jet black coat and white blaze on her chest. Magic also has white socks, is a large gal, and is probably a lab mix. She is a little on the shy side at first, and you have to earn her trust. Otherwise she loves your hugs and kisses. Magic was in a home with a single mother and 2 teen boys, so I think older kids would fit the bill for her.

Hamlet, has so much love to give, and just wants you all to himself! He should be the only dog in the family, and will probably not do well with cats. He has some heeler in his background, we are guessing.

Speaking of cats, we found out the hard way, that Pete does not like cats. Pete was adopted to a farm family, who loved him, but with his prey drive (he is a bird dog), the cats on the farm were in trouble.
But, Pete, needs a second chance with a family that doesn’t have cats. He loves to run and hunt and his nose is always to the ground, when he is out of his kennel. He is loving and loyal and has a special blue wire coat and is neutered.

Well, these are only a few of the dogs, that we have here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. They need a “Second Chance” to find their home and their family.
There are others, like Bugsy, Danny Boy, Harley, Chico, Omaha, Pearl, Katie and more! Maybe YOU could be the family to give one of these or one of the others, I haven’t mentioned yet, that “Second Chance” for happiness and a loving family to boot.

Just maybe, I will have time in the next few days for some new pictures. Or I can dream a little, and hope that a volunteer, who loves to take photos happens by.

Senior Month at 12 Hills Dog Rescue

I was looking at and saw a help article on posting for senior dogs. November is “Senior Dog” month for pet lovers and those of us in the rescue business.
Typically every day is senior month at the rescue. It seems we always have a few seniors residing there, and some will be here for the rest of their lives. It is a good time to share about the rewards that senior dogs can give us. AND–there some, I listed just a few.

1. They aren’t puppies! Puppies get in to everything and they require lots and lots of your attention.
2. Seniors like to have fun, but it is usually in short bursts and they just want to hang out with you
3. Sometimes they are already trained, and so the hard work is done

Of course, we know there is a downsides to having a senior dog, but that is another posting. Here are some of the seniors we have had and some that are still waiting at 12 Hills.

Rosie is 8+ years!

Rosie is 8+ years!

Miss Purdy was adopted! Over 8 yrs.

Miss Purdy was adopted!
Over 8 yrs.

Boomer-found in a landfill--starving--and full of sticky weeds.--over 5 yrs.

Boomer-found in a landfill–starving–and full of sticky weeds.–over 5 yrs.

Cinnamon--now named Winnie--adopted after having over 10 litters--over 8 yrs.

Cinnamon–now named
Winnie–adopted after having over 10 litters–over 8 yrs.

Jason--around 7 or 8 yrs. adopted by a nice gal that loves seniors!

Patty--a good ole gal, that has a skin condition. She loves all visitors that comes to 12 Hills. Patty–a good ole gal, that has a skin condition. She loves all visitors that comes to 12 Hills.

I have so many more that I could post, and my thoughts go to our 2 wonderful family members that passed in the last year—Squirt and Daisy–we will cherish the good times and great memories we had with you both over the years!!!

This One Was A Hard One

Rescuing dogs is hard, but letting them go, is sometimes harder for us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. Case in point: Jason the beautiful black Lab. Jason came to us over 3 years ago, as an underweight sad looking 4 or 5 year old. He had some of his teeth broken off trying to chew through a wire fence. He roamed the streets, and he was in need of some good Vet care and a stable home. He quickly bonded to us and put his big paw print on our hearts, right away. He was especially fond of Brenda, and vice versa. She saw right away, just how special Jason was. He was especially grateful to Brenda, for rescuing him, and followed her everywhere in the days and weeks after he first arrived. Of course he was always waiting for her to walk through the door every day when she arrived at the rescue.
Jason stayed in the bottom kennel for awhile, and then was out and about on the farm. He gradually pushed his way onto the porch and then into our big dining room. There he found a special hiding place under Chuck’s big desk. No amount of coaxing would move that dog, when he was ready for his nap, or bedtime. As Jason gained some weight we begin to notice an odd sway to his back, which gradually developed into arthritis, when it was rainy or we had a sudden change in weather. Jason was given medication and joint minerals, and we made the decision to take him off the adoption list. Numerous times we had people that had come to adopt another dog, ask if they could adopt Jason, but each time we said no. We just weren’t sure if the owner would go the course with a dog with Jason’s hip problems.
Then, along came Emily—a nice gal, and not only knowledgeable about dog care and on a long road to becoming a Doctor.
The odd thing was, she didn’t ask for a senior dog at the beginning, but brought her senior golden with her to meet another one of our dogs. Somehow, Brenda just knew she should ask Emily if she wanted to meet a wonderful senior boy named Jason. Well, it was love at first sight. We had someone who loved senior dogs, who knew the right medication that he would need for his health problems, and we were faced with the decision. Everything felt right, and we told Emily, that we would allow her to adopt our Jason–health problems and all.
He would have a nice bed of his own, and guess what? There is even a place under her desk for him to lay and warm keep her feet, just like Chuck. I wish that I could say it was easy to say goodbye, but it was a rough week waiting for her return. Jason became suspicious during the week and didn’t want to leave Chuck’s side, and when Emily filled out the papers, he got cold feet. In the end, I had to go in the house and do some crying myself. It was tough.
Well, we got him in the truck and he is at his new home tonight. Emily said the children next door were excited and can’t wait to meet another loving dog. I imagine that Jason received a wonderful brushing and hugs from young and old alike when he arrived at his new home.
Yes, this was a hard one—to say good-bye to a good friend and one of the family. Emily promised to bring him down one of these days for a visit in between her exams.
So good luck–Jason–you are loved and we wish you much happiness and good health for your remaining years.
AND THANKS TO EMILY for caring about the senior dogs. Not enough people do, and they can give you so much joy and comfort.

Brenda, Chuck and Nola with Jason.

Brenda, Chuck and Nola with Jason.

I'm Not Coming OUT

I’m Not Coming OUT

Bye Brenda--I'll Always Love YOU!

Bye Brenda–I’ll Always Love YOU!

I'm Ready Now

I’m Ready Now

Come on, Emily, before I change my mind!

Come on, Emily, before I change my mind!


Full, is what we are–here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. Seems the dogs are coming out of the shadows, right before the weather turns cold. I imagine it will only get worse.
So I wanted to update you on the dogs waiting for their forever families. We have the small ones, Isaac, Jackie, and Zoe. We have the small to medium–Buttercup or Sister, as she is called. We have a new little terrier that arrived yesterday, and we will have pictures of her soon.DSCN8285 (640x480)

DSCN8237 (640x480)

DSCN8356 (640x480)

DSCN8370 (640x480)

DSCN8321 (640x480)

DSCN7253 (640x480)
These are just a few of the small ones that are available. Call us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue for an appointment to meet the little ones, the medium ones, and the large and xtra-large doggies we have at the rescue.