Beautiful–Inside and Out

The big boy finally has had a chance to prove himself, and did he ever! 

Sarge came to us a few months ago. He is a gorgeous Red Australian Shepherd/Akita mix.  Was surprises us is his sweet personality.  He doesn’t push his weight around with the other dogs, but is good with everyone.  He even likes to play with Peaches our pittie. 

What was really the best test of all is when he climbed up on the bench beside a 10 year old girl this weekend. He snuggled with her and laid his head or her shoulder.  We knew he was a great dog, but didn’t realize that he loved kids. 

Sarge has been neutered and had all his vaccinations, and weighs around 75#. He needs to run off some of the weight he gained over the winter months. ImageHe is ready for a family with kids or without—Just needs space to run and play and someone to love him the way he should be loved.

He is just a great dog and we are hoping he gets the chance to prove it to a loving family soon.


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