When you operate a dog rescue on your farm, you never know what will happen next.  This weekend was very busy for us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. A busy weekend, but a happy one! We were blessed with 9 adoptions in 2 days.  And one of the 9 was “Old Yeller!”. He is a nice older yellow Lab, that needs a family to love and care for him in his senior years. We believe he found “just the right family!”  A family with 4 beautiful children arrived and were excited to take him home.IMG_1732 (1024x682)

Then we had Lacie–a collie mix that found a new home with a retired couple. Her new parents go to a warmer climate each fall, so we think Lacie will have some exciting adventures ahead of her. IMG_1739 (1024x682)

Then Freida, a shepherd mix and her 5 puppies all went to new homes.  There new families were surprised on how much they had grown since their last visit. Had to show everyone how happy Hamlet’s new sister is, to take him home.

One of Freida's puppies!

One of Freida’s puppies!



Last, but certainly not least was our little gem, Ruby!

Ruby and new family!

Ruby and new family!

So, what does this week bring? The rest of Shine’s puppies will be heading to their new homes.  They have been so much fun to watch as they grew and developed their special personalities.

Besides adopting out the puppies, we will have our hands full with a new yellow male lab that came in.  Poor thing has a terrible ear infection, and received treatment immediately.

Samson is back on his feet, and eating again, and we hope to post pictures when he gains some weight.  We are watching Fancy closely now, as she is close to delivery.  I wonder what her puppies will be like?

Yes, I wonder, I wonder what this week will bring to us at the rescue?


Full, is what we are–here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. Seems the dogs are coming out of the shadows, right before the weather turns cold. I imagine it will only get worse.
So I wanted to update you on the dogs waiting for their forever families. We have the small ones, Isaac, Jackie, and Zoe. We have the small to medium–Buttercup or Sister, as she is called. We have a new little terrier that arrived yesterday, and we will have pictures of her soon.DSCN8285 (640x480)

DSCN8237 (640x480)

DSCN8356 (640x480)

DSCN8370 (640x480)

DSCN8321 (640x480)

DSCN7253 (640x480)
These are just a few of the small ones that are available. Call us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue for an appointment to meet the little ones, the medium ones, and the large and xtra-large doggies we have at the rescue.


I’m a little slow on posting–my daughter-in-law informed me it is National Dog Day, and thought I should write something special–or maybe post some pictures. RIGHT!!! At 12 Hills Dog Rescue—it seems everyday is a special dog day—this evening we received an adorable 8 week old poodle/schnauzer. She is so sweet—and a little nervous to be in a new place. Tomorrow we will start her health regimen, but for tonight, she is getting used to us and some of our small ones.
So, back to National Dog Day! Should I mention the dogs that we loved and lost? Or, maybe the ones we have helped that were extra-special, or maybe some dogs we have here at the rescue now, still waiting for their families.
Last week we lost our special girl Daisy Mae. She was 10 years old and Chuck’s special shadow. Knowing her time was getting short, she needed to be with him whenever she could. She even sat in the pickup on Sunday mornings while he was in church, and enjoyed riding with him on his Mule. So, this year—it seems fitting to honor Daisy Mae. We will miss you, girl!SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
Mentioning those dogs that we have had for some time come to mind. Dogs like Page, Harley, Chico, Omaha, Jimmy, Emerson–still waiting, for their forever families. We don’t lose hope that they will be adopted. Lu Lu Legs found her family this week, and we are happy for her. Now we have so many others still waiting. . . .
So thanks to all the dogs that have shared their doggie kisses, comfort and love with us over the years. We celebrate knowing each one of you!

Back In the Groove

Fall is fast approaching–even though the weather has been hot and humid, the colors here on the Brigg’s farm are changing. The lush green colors are gone, to be replaced with faded green, yellow and brown.
Autumn or Fall–as I call ii is my favorite time of the year. It is also a time that we use to prepare for the upcoming cold and snowy season that follows.
What does that have to do with a dog rescue? Getting our numbers down before winter is something we always dream about and this year, we are hoping that it really happens. Having a rescue, here on the farm, means that we have to live “rescue and dogs”–24/7.
Recently we read an article about a shelter housing over 60 dogs—with 30 volunteers. How blessed they are, to have all that help! We have close to 60 and sometimes more. There are only 3 of us running the rescue.

As the days and evening cool down, we need to get back in the groove, and accomplish some items we placed on hold during this long, hot summer. Painting the kennel office walls, floor, and storage building, are just a few of the items Chuck has for us to accomplish, before winter is upon us. Then there is the daily cleaning of the kennels and one on one care of the doggies here.
Back in the groove, may be a sixties comment to some people, but to us it means—lots of hard work—with the special dogs that we have been given to care for. Want to volunteer to help out this fall? Just give us a call, or email us. We are also on Facebook and have our own website, 12hillsdogrescue.org.
DSCN8254 (640x480)

Let Me Tell You About Ajax!



Do you think Ajax is a male or female name? Well, Chuck gave me a ton of grief over her name. You see, no one looked close, and she looked like a male boy, and I was searching for an interesting name. Anyway, Ajax is a female dog–and her breed is a mystery to us. I looked in the dog book and she sort of looked like a Brussels Griffon, and since Petfinder.com needs a breed for the posting. . . you understand.
So Ajax, is a very pretty, sweet lady and deserves a much better name. She came to us from a local animal control and is looking for a family to love her.
She is a large dog and should weigh around 40#. She gets along well with the others in the big kennel, and likes to be petted and loved. Ajax may be a non-shedding breed, but haven’t been with her enough to say for sure. Her coloring is black and brown with brown markings on the legs. She is a beautiful gal—inside and out.

Personalities Abound

It never fails to amaze me the different types of dogs we take in at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. I’m not just talking breeds, because most are mixed breeds, and they come in all sorts of sizes, colors and personalities. Yes, I said personalities. Now, I realize that there are people out there who don’t think that dogs have souls, but I am not one of them.  There are so many mysteries in life, and I believe the animal kingdom is one of them.

We had a wonderful visit from an Uncle and cousins yesterday. They are animal lovers also, and enjoyed everyone of the dogs they came into contact with.  Well, maybe not Kellarnie, but almost all.  Anyway, one of our conversations were about how different each dog is. Some are very loving and sweet–some are jealous, fearful, angry and sad. They experience the entire spectrum of feelings. So why not a soul, I ask? I’m not saying their soul is just like yours and mine, but a soul, nevertheless.

I think about the little dogs we have. Oscar is a poodle mix.  He can be fearful, really tough, and very much jealous, when it come to me. He will need a home with a couple that can spend time with him, and maybe one other dog.  Natalie is a jumping bean. Always seems to have boundless energy, and always wants to eat.  She is loving and sweet, but likes to be the center of attention. When she first arrived, she was lethargic and nippy—makes you think of humans that are unhappy and unhealthy. Missy is a sweetheart to any new person at the door, but she has a a temper to be reckoned with.

The outside dogs are unique in the same ways. Lucy plunges into the mix and into anything that gets in her way. Haven’t you seen people that plunge in without thinking?  Gidget and Ginger are introverts–and do better one on one–that sounds like my husband. 

So, by now you probably have the picture. Dogs are unique, with personalities and we have so so many waiting to find a home that excepts them and loves them regardless.  When you adopt a dog from 12 Hills, we hope that for your sake and the dog, that you are serious. A serious owner that realizes that YOU are in charge. You have to be the one to accept, to mold and to love them as a family member. 

Give us a call—look on Petfinder.com and Facebook—these “special one of a kind dogs” are waiting. By the way–the picture is Linus–a teen that is a little shy, but very devoted to family.Imageities


Look at the Newest Puppies

What cute little things they are. So bright eyed and fat with beautiful thick white hair.  Their Mom is a Lab mix and we think these are labs also.  Some are light tan and others have tan spots on top of the white coat.  They are only 3 weeks old—so need to wait a few more weeks before placing them on our adoption list.  Will keep you posted of their progress.