Welcome to 12 Hills Dog Rescue

Blogging is new to us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. I was told–just tell a little every few days about what is happening with your rescue. So, here we are. Can’t begin without showing everyone our Poster Girl–and telling her story. Come back often to check out more of the special dogs and read their stories. Each dog has a story and each are special. Please contact me via Petfinder (12 Hills Rescue) about adopting!

Here is a special story and a special dog–

Our Poster Girl–“CLOVER”

Clover when we got her

What a shock it was to see this little black dog that was found one Sunday morning! She was so thin and covered with mange. Because of her condition it was impossible to see what breed of dog she was. What we did know was that she was a black female dog that was very ill.

The transformation was amazing! 6 weeks after we found her and after lots of tender loving care and treatments–she was transformed from a creature that was emaciated, sick and miserable into a happy and sweet bundle of energy.

Our 8 year granddaughter spent time with her daily, combing and brushing her, taking her for walks, and consistently telling her what a pretty girl she was. She named this special little lady “Clover”–because she was lucky we found her and helped her.

Clover is very lucky–Lucky our son found her, Lucky we fed her and treated her illness and lucky that our granddaughter gave her the extra love she needed so much.

Well, the story doesn’t end there.  We adopted Clover to a family that we thought would be her forever home. Five months later, she was brought back to us. It didn’t work out because of a change in their family situation.

We still are not sure of her breed. She could be part American bulldog, or Sharpai. She could be part Pittie. It doesn’t matter if you love a dog –what breed they are.

Clover continues to battle the obstacles. She has problems with her back knee and may be facing surgery in the near future. We are going to keep Clover at 12 Hills Dog Rescue as one of our “Forever Dogs” She has been through too much and is happy and healthy here with us.

Taking a little snooze before lunch

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