Shaggy before his haircut

Shaggy before his haircut

The Pile of hair--now the bath

The Pile of hair–now the bath

Here he is--The Real Deal!

Here he is–The Real Deal!

Most of us have seen make-overs before on television. It seems that person experiencing the make over changes right before your eyes, and a different, happier and more confident person emerges. That is exactly what happened to a little guy that came to 12 Hills Dog Rescue.
First, let me give you a little history about this little dog. He has been wandering the community for several years with hair hanging in clumps. So sad and painful to even look at. No one could catch him, and his owner refused offers for a free hair clipping for him.
Now the rest of the story. He came to us a couple days ago, and today we began cutting the clumps of hair off him. The pile was huge in the end, and the little guy was so patient through the entire procedure. After a couple hours of scissoring, using the clippers and a bath, he were amazed. What a transformation! You could call it an Extreme Make-over!” He is adorable and his entire personality seemed to change before our eyes.
Shaggy, (what everyone called him) is a different dog already. He is so handsome and he knows it. He begs to be held, in fact, he wants us to carry him everywhere. I just don’t have the heart to put him back in the big kennel, so he is now wearing a wrap in the house, and we are beginning his next new adventure, house training.
We could rant and rave about the neglect and abuse of leaving a doggie in this state, but I am choosing to look on the positive side. We know that Shaggy has so much potential. And the first thing on my list is to give him a new and better name—because the old Shaggy is gone, and a new doggie is here for sure! What do you think his new name should be?

This One Was A Hard One

Rescuing dogs is hard, but letting them go, is sometimes harder for us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. Case in point: Jason the beautiful black Lab. Jason came to us over 3 years ago, as an underweight sad looking 4 or 5 year old. He had some of his teeth broken off trying to chew through a wire fence. He roamed the streets, and he was in need of some good Vet care and a stable home. He quickly bonded to us and put his big paw print on our hearts, right away. He was especially fond of Brenda, and vice versa. She saw right away, just how special Jason was. He was especially grateful to Brenda, for rescuing him, and followed her everywhere in the days and weeks after he first arrived. Of course he was always waiting for her to walk through the door every day when she arrived at the rescue.
Jason stayed in the bottom kennel for awhile, and then was out and about on the farm. He gradually pushed his way onto the porch and then into our big dining room. There he found a special hiding place under Chuck’s big desk. No amount of coaxing would move that dog, when he was ready for his nap, or bedtime. As Jason gained some weight we begin to notice an odd sway to his back, which gradually developed into arthritis, when it was rainy or we had a sudden change in weather. Jason was given medication and joint minerals, and we made the decision to take him off the adoption list. Numerous times we had people that had come to adopt another dog, ask if they could adopt Jason, but each time we said no. We just weren’t sure if the owner would go the course with a dog with Jason’s hip problems.
Then, along came Emily—a nice gal, and not only knowledgeable about dog care and on a long road to becoming a Doctor.
The odd thing was, she didn’t ask for a senior dog at the beginning, but brought her senior golden with her to meet another one of our dogs. Somehow, Brenda just knew she should ask Emily if she wanted to meet a wonderful senior boy named Jason. Well, it was love at first sight. We had someone who loved senior dogs, who knew the right medication that he would need for his health problems, and we were faced with the decision. Everything felt right, and we told Emily, that we would allow her to adopt our Jason–health problems and all.
He would have a nice bed of his own, and guess what? There is even a place under her desk for him to lay and warm keep her feet, just like Chuck. I wish that I could say it was easy to say goodbye, but it was a rough week waiting for her return. Jason became suspicious during the week and didn’t want to leave Chuck’s side, and when Emily filled out the papers, he got cold feet. In the end, I had to go in the house and do some crying myself. It was tough.
Well, we got him in the truck and he is at his new home tonight. Emily said the children next door were excited and can’t wait to meet another loving dog. I imagine that Jason received a wonderful brushing and hugs from young and old alike when he arrived at his new home.
Yes, this was a hard one—to say good-bye to a good friend and one of the family. Emily promised to bring him down one of these days for a visit in between her exams.
So good luck–Jason–you are loved and we wish you much happiness and good health for your remaining years.
AND THANKS TO EMILY for caring about the senior dogs. Not enough people do, and they can give you so much joy and comfort.

Brenda, Chuck and Nola with Jason.

Brenda, Chuck and Nola with Jason.

I'm Not Coming OUT

I’m Not Coming OUT

Bye Brenda--I'll Always Love YOU!

Bye Brenda–I’ll Always Love YOU!

I'm Ready Now

I’m Ready Now

Come on, Emily, before I change my mind!

Come on, Emily, before I change my mind!

Is It Spring Yet?

It’s funny–it always seems in February,I start thinking of Spring. Today, the sun was shining and it felt like Spring outside for maybe 3 hours. I wonder if the dogs dream of spring time, and the new grass and the new smells in the air. I can visualize them laying on their back with their legs in the air, dreaming about romping in the pasture, on a sunny day, as they head to the hill with Chuck for their daily run. They have such a good time on their daily run. Retrieving the ball, wrestling with each other and attempting to be that special one to sit on his lap to soak up as much attention as they can muster in an hours time.

This year, I am dreaming of warmer weather, so we will be able to build a big yard for the main kennel, and a fenced in yard for our house dogs. We won’t have to watch each one so closely and they can still run and play without the worry of wandering off or being run over. Then there is the hospital room that needs to be remodeled yet, and the special building for Mama’s and their new puppies. Where do we start?

Besides dreaming about Spring—I find myself thinking about the dogs that need families yet. What kind of families do they need? Where should they be living? In the country or town? Will a particular dog be fine in a home with another dog, or should they be the only dog? Sometimes our dogs come back and we try again. We want the dog and family to fit—we want them both to be happy—a family pet is a big commitment and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Enough of the dreaming, or deep thinking—and onward to right now. Even though we expect more when Spring does arrive, we have puppies right now that are looking for a home. They are shepherd/beagle and ready for new families.

He needs a name!

He needs a name!

<]She needs a name! She needs a name!

Farm Dogs

Let Me Tell You About,. Living in farm country there is almost always a demand for a good farm dog. Here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue we have a number of nice dogs that would be great farm dogs.

There is Shep—He is a very handsome yellow shepherd type dog with white feet. Good to look at, a thick coat and a very good sweet personality.  He is around 18 months and is a large dog. He likes people, hasn’t chased our cattle and gets along with other dogs.

We have Emerson, who looks to me like a heeler mix. He is very handsome with great markings and begs to get out of his kennel. He has been good around the farm when out. He is just waiting for a opportunity.

Jerry is another Heeler mix that has great markings and when out and about doesn’t bother anyone. He is 2 years old.

Angel and Sam are both Shepherd mixes. Larger dogs than the others. They are good girls with Angel being a little shyer than Sam. They are 2 years old also, and would make great farm dogs.

So, that is  just some of the dogs here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue that would make good farm dogs. I am sure we have others would fit the bill.  They are just waiting for the right families to come along.Image

More Dogs That Have Waited Long Enough

Placing a few more pictures on the blog of some of our dogs that have been with us for too long.  They are great dogs, but just never chosen.  When you have 75-80 dogs at a time it is hard to keep ahead of the ones coming in.  This is Jerry—a heeler mix. He has been neutered–and is always overlooked. He likes to be the Alpha dog–so a one or 2 dog home with older kids desired.




Jenny is a Imagegreat girl, just a little insecure, which causes her to snip at other dogs sometimes.  She should go to a farm or big back yard as one dog in the family.  She likes to protect those she loves. Image This is Blondie–(our Vet) named him after his horrible accident. Was run over and we had a hard time catching him. He had a broken collar bone and leg–was cast, but still not able to walk on all fours. He is a special needs guy, but can get around great–non shedding to boot. Loves women—a little shy.

ImageMindy has waited long enough. She is shiny black and we think a rat terrier mix.  We are guessing her at 6 months.



6-13-2013 045 (640x480)
Bear is a character. She is a small to medium gal, and loves people. She likes to be the center of attention, and so she does get jealous of other dogs. She would make a great dog to take in a truck or just hang out with.
DSCN5861 (640x480)
Mike is quite the Rat Terrier. He has an attitude to go with his cute face. He loves people, likes to be the only dog, and probably wouldn’t do well with cats or other male dogs. He needs neutered, soon. Cute as a bug!
DSCN5866 (640x480)
Bounty should have been named Bouncey, but has settled down that last few months. He is a year old, neutered and needs a home with someone to take him on walks and give him the attention he needs. His coat is so soft.
DSCN4832 (640x480)
Last but not the least–is our special girl Sophie. We have had her since she has been 7 weeks old. She was injured before she came here, but has healed and she is beautiful. Please take a second look at those big ears. We think she may have some husky and dobie in her background.

What did I do, they seem to be saying?

Poor little things–brought to us on Sunday evening. Family couldn’t keep, because of allergies. What sad and confused little dogs they are. Their eyes almost are saying–“What did I do wrong?”12-3-2012 03812-3-2012 035

Shorty and Izzy are both Chi-Chi mix. Izzy is mixed with a Min-pin, and Shorty with a Dachshund. If you know of anyone looking for a lap dog–they would be perfect.  Call if you are looking for a lap dog–they will be perfect.

I Love It–When a Plan Comes Together

Jack went home with his new family last night.  They had come to find a dog about 2 weeks ago and in the process they discovered Jack.  He is a Akita, Chow and German Shepherd mix.  He loves little ones and when they saw him kiss their 5 month old, they knew he was the one.  So, they went back home and started moving into their new place and when they were done–back they came for Jack.

He seemed to be happy when he left with them–except he was afraid of getting into the car.  He prefers the back seat and it was full of baby.  Anyway, we are thrilled to see Jack find such an awesome family and wishing them all the best in their new place and with their new dog.


Just because we are bigger, doesn’t mean we can’t be wonderful family dogs.  Gee, we have been waiting for the perfect family that will understand us. WHERE ARE THEY? Here are our pictures—call and ask about us and just maybe one of us will go home with you.

Broke the Record in June!!!

Chuck outdid himself in the month of June–hauling both females and males to the Vets to be spayed, and then back home again.  Yes, he is tired, but glad to get some more of the dogs altered so that they can find their new families. Missy (aka Spotty), the Mama of the Fairy Tale puppies should be ready to go in another week. Chloe,is a new one (a gorgeous black shiny Boxer/Lab mix,  Jingles, Mona, Buddy, Page & Vinnie are some of the dogs that made the trip and are recovering. Some are ready to go to families now and others need just a few more days. 

Maybe some day, we will have a mobile spay/neuter clinic in our area, but for right now–we try and keep up and spay and neuter a few each month.Image


Do you like BIG dogs??? We have a few at 12 Hills Dog Rescue that are looking for loving homes with a new family.  Rex is one of the biggest young dog  we have ever had. We are guessing him to be 1 year old and his breed is a mystery to everyone here.  Today, Rex is being neutered and should be home at 12 Hills tomorrow.

We also have Loki—a year old Great Pyranese mix that needs a new home. He should be out in the country, so he can run and play.  Alaska is a young female mix that is a larger breed dog.  She is white with black spots.  Her breed is also a mystery, but could be a Lab mix.

So, if BIG dogs are your forte, call and ask us about the BIG Dogs at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.

Big Ears Everywhere!

It seems that lately a number of dogs that have arrived at 12 Hills have huge ears that stand at attention! What does that tell you???  Guess we have a variety of German Shepherd mixes at the rescue.  Three of the boys with those big ears are Snicker, Doodle and Tater.  They came to us–straight from swamp land around 7 weeks old.  There Mom is German Shepherd, and their Dad????, well you know the story. Unknown!   We have been working with them each day and a great dog, Choco the boxer has been training them socially in dealing with animals and people. 

Now, they should be moving on to their families.  What kind of families?? Ones that will be able to spend special time with them, loving and being patient with their shyness.  No, they don’t trust all people yet, but growing to trust us and are licking our hands and allowing us to pet them. 

If you like their looks and have the patience and love to share–come and meet Snicker, Doodle, and Tater and maybe just maybe, they will win your heart and one of them will go home with you.Image

BIG & LITTLE–a GREAT week for adoptions!

12 Hills had a great week adopting puppies and grown doggies the last few days. We were able to find Ezzy her new home as well, as Moose and his Mom. We are hoping that this week will work out just as well. Puppies are always adorable, but the teens and older, are still waiting for the special families to come and see just how special they are.