Is It Spring Yet?

It’s funny–it always seems in February,I start thinking of Spring. Today, the sun was shining and it felt like Spring outside for maybe 3 hours. I wonder if the dogs dream of spring time, and the new grass and the new smells in the air. I can visualize them laying on their back with their legs in the air, dreaming about romping in the pasture, on a sunny day, as they head to the hill with Chuck for their daily run. They have such a good time on their daily run. Retrieving the ball, wrestling with each other and attempting to be that special one to sit on his lap to soak up as much attention as they can muster in an hours time.

This year, I am dreaming of warmer weather, so we will be able to build a big yard for the main kennel, and a fenced in yard for our house dogs. We won’t have to watch each one so closely and they can still run and play without the worry of wandering off or being run over. Then there is the hospital room that needs to be remodeled yet, and the special building for Mama’s and their new puppies. Where do we start?

Besides dreaming about Spring—I find myself thinking about the dogs that need families yet. What kind of families do they need? Where should they be living? In the country or town? Will a particular dog be fine in a home with another dog, or should they be the only dog? Sometimes our dogs come back and we try again. We want the dog and family to fit—we want them both to be happy—a family pet is a big commitment and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Enough of the dreaming, or deep thinking—and onward to right now. Even though we expect more when Spring does arrive, we have puppies right now that are looking for a home. They are shepherd/beagle and ready for new families.

He needs a name!

He needs a name!

<]She needs a name! She needs a name!


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