Back In the Groove

Fall is fast approaching–even though the weather has been hot and humid, the colors here on the Brigg’s farm are changing. The lush green colors are gone, to be replaced with faded green, yellow and brown.
Autumn or Fall–as I call ii is my favorite time of the year. It is also a time that we use to prepare for the upcoming cold and snowy season that follows.
What does that have to do with a dog rescue? Getting our numbers down before winter is something we always dream about and this year, we are hoping that it really happens. Having a rescue, here on the farm, means that we have to live “rescue and dogs”–24/7.
Recently we read an article about a shelter housing over 60 dogs—with 30 volunteers. How blessed they are, to have all that help! We have close to 60 and sometimes more. There are only 3 of us running the rescue.

As the days and evening cool down, we need to get back in the groove, and accomplish some items we placed on hold during this long, hot summer. Painting the kennel office walls, floor, and storage building, are just a few of the items Chuck has for us to accomplish, before winter is upon us. Then there is the daily cleaning of the kennels and one on one care of the doggies here.
Back in the groove, may be a sixties comment to some people, but to us it means—lots of hard work—with the special dogs that we have been given to care for. Want to volunteer to help out this fall? Just give us a call, or email us. We are also on Facebook and have our own website,
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More Dogs That Have Waited Long Enough

Placing a few more pictures on the blog of some of our dogs that have been with us for too long.  They are great dogs, but just never chosen.  When you have 75-80 dogs at a time it is hard to keep ahead of the ones coming in.  This is Jerry—a heeler mix. He has been neutered–and is always overlooked. He likes to be the Alpha dog–so a one or 2 dog home with older kids desired.




Jenny is a Imagegreat girl, just a little insecure, which causes her to snip at other dogs sometimes.  She should go to a farm or big back yard as one dog in the family.  She likes to protect those she loves. Image This is Blondie–(our Vet) named him after his horrible accident. Was run over and we had a hard time catching him. He had a broken collar bone and leg–was cast, but still not able to walk on all fours. He is a special needs guy, but can get around great–non shedding to boot. Loves women—a little shy.

ImageMindy has waited long enough. She is shiny black and we think a rat terrier mix.  We are guessing her at 6 months.



6-13-2013 045 (640x480)
Bear is a character. She is a small to medium gal, and loves people. She likes to be the center of attention, and so she does get jealous of other dogs. She would make a great dog to take in a truck or just hang out with.
DSCN5861 (640x480)
Mike is quite the Rat Terrier. He has an attitude to go with his cute face. He loves people, likes to be the only dog, and probably wouldn’t do well with cats or other male dogs. He needs neutered, soon. Cute as a bug!
DSCN5866 (640x480)
Bounty should have been named Bouncey, but has settled down that last few months. He is a year old, neutered and needs a home with someone to take him on walks and give him the attention he needs. His coat is so soft.
DSCN4832 (640x480)
Last but not the least–is our special girl Sophie. We have had her since she has been 7 weeks old. She was injured before she came here, but has healed and she is beautiful. Please take a second look at those big ears. We think she may have some husky and dobie in her background.

Behind the Bars

After I wrote the last blog, it occurred to me, that I could just place some of the pictures on the blog and Facebook as they are; behind bars. That is a fact of life, and of course, they would rather be out and about, and we would hope that they will be adopted soon. We have all sizes, colors, breeds ages—the list goes on. Each dog has a story–and many of the stories will pull your heart-strings. That is why we are here–to love them–to help them heal, physically and socially–and sometimes mentally. It is a hard job. When you have a success; and see a dog that was broken, turn around and find happiness and love with a new family, it is worth it.

So, take a good look at the dogs that I am posting—“Behind the Bars.” If you see one, that might interest you, contact us and we will do our best to take another picture.

By the way, thanks for taking the time to read and look at some of our dogs.

2 Little Gals

2 Little Gals

02-7-2013 #3 028


When Is Skinny Good?

Well, I guess Italian Greyhounds are supposed to be thin. But how thin?  We have a new young male–so handsome and full of energy, but I think he is a little thin. I can see his ribs and backbone–is that normal for that breed, or do we need to fatten him up a little.  Regardless, he is eating and wants out of his kennel. Tomorrow is the last day for his family to claim him, and then he goes on our adoption list.  Hope he finds a good home with a family that understand and love his breed.  I know the breed are fast for sure, and we named him Rocket.  He wants to blast out of his kennel, so you have to be fast when feeding him.  Watch for Rocket in the next week–we will have pictures and more about him soon.

A Great Visit from Stevie

What a great time it was having Stevie Nelsen, his sister Ashleigh and their Mom, came for a visit at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. Stevie and Ashleigh had a good time with the doggies, especially Buttons.  Buttons thought it was super to be held and carried around and she gave them lots of kisses.

We took more pictures and one in particular with Stevie and the pallet of LIfe’s Abundance dog food that was donated to 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  We want to thank Stevie and his family and Laura Bunch owner of LIfe’s Abandance for the wonderful donation

Gettting Ready for our BIG Day!!!

Busy doesn’t even explain how I feel–tomorrow is the vendor show at Dakota City from 10 –2 and we are having a table for 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  We are getting busy with our paperwork, photo album and a basket for the raffle.  Should be a fun day for us, though and a great opportunity for people to meet us and find out more about our rescue.  Guess I had better get busy and take more pictures for the album–Just maybe we will have some doggies adopted.  I do hope to have Clover—our Mascot present, so she can meet everyone.  Hope to see you there!

Ready tor the Vendor Show???

Not really–need to take more pictures and decide who is going with us on the 21st. Oh, did I forget to mention that we will be attending a Vender show on Sat. April 21st at Dakota City, NE., fire hall?  We have never done this before, so I am a little taken back on what to do first to be prepared.

Well, I already made some delicious homemade dog treats.  We did a taste comparison and I feel the peanut butter ones were the most liked by our dogs.  I did make some bacon balls, so those will probably go quickly.also.

Back to the preparations—I will need to take pictures or copy and put descriptions with each dog for a photo album I want to take along. We are going to have several of the puppies there, and also one or 2 big Dogs.  I think that Sarge will be one going. He loves everyone—and should do well in a crowd. 

Better sign off and get busy on the photo albums. Hope to see you there—it starts at 9:00 on Sat. 21st.