Ready tor the Vendor Show???

Not really–need to take more pictures and decide who is going with us on the 21st. Oh, did I forget to mention that we will be attending a Vender show on Sat. April 21st at Dakota City, NE., fire hall?  We have never done this before, so I am a little taken back on what to do first to be prepared.

Well, I already made some delicious homemade dog treats.  We did a taste comparison and I feel the peanut butter ones were the most liked by our dogs.  I did make some bacon balls, so those will probably go quickly.also.

Back to the preparations—I will need to take pictures or copy and put descriptions with each dog for a photo album I want to take along. We are going to have several of the puppies there, and also one or 2 big Dogs.  I think that Sarge will be one going. He loves everyone—and should do well in a crowd. 

Better sign off and get busy on the photo albums. Hope to see you there—it starts at 9:00 on Sat. 21st.

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