Name: Tippy

Approximate Age:

Breed (our best guess): Terrier mix


Adoption needs: Tippy just needs a family to love her!

Fun Fact: Tippy loves to cuddle and play. She just wants to spend time with people!

Dog’s Story: Tippy travelled all the way across the state to be with us.


Adoption Status: Adopted!


Approximate Age: 8 months

Breed (our best guess): Lab Mix


Adoption needs: Sheila needs a family with lots of space to run. She loves attention and time with people.

Fun Fact: Sheila is full of energy. She’s always the first to the food when it’s put out!

Dog’s Story: Sheila came to us from a local pound.Update; Sheila is Miss Outgoing! She loves to greet people and enjoys going with the dogs for their nightly run with the 4 wheeler. Sheila is the type of dog that needs an active family. She likes to play and enjoys being where the people are. She is spayed, vaccinated and ready to go!!


Adoption Status: <span style=”color:red adopted


Approximate Age: 3 years

Breed (our best guess): Black Labrador Retriever


Adoption needs: Shadow just needs a home with people who will spend lots of time with him.

Fun Fact: Shadow loves people and attention! He’s so sweet and friendly. He appears to have some beginning training and obeys a “sit” command quickly and easily.

Shadow’s Story: Shadow came to us from a local shelter. We’ve been looking for his owner, but so far, no one has come forward to claim him.
Great Ending! Shadow was adopted by a family that had lost their beautiful Lab. After waiting several months for his safe return, they decided to adopt Shadow. They are doing great and Shadow is now part of their family.


Adoption Status: Adopted


Approximate Age: 4 years old

Breed (our best guess): Boxer/Pitbull

Adoption needs: Not available at this time.

Fun Fact: She likes to sit on the arm of the couch with her front legs on the back of the couch so she can see people drive by.

Rosita’s Story: Rosita came to us from an animal shelter. Her owner failed to claim her. We thought she was mean, but about six months later, we found out that she’s really a huge sweetheart!

Adoption Status: Not Available!


Approximate Age: 6 years old

Breed (our best guess): Labrador Retriever

Adoption needs: Rosemarie is special needs and not adoptable.

Fun Fact: Rosemarie loves to sit on laps and cuddle, even though she’s huge!

Rosemarie’s Story: We found her in the middle of winter hiding in our haystack. She was almost dead and had two bullet holes in her. Rosemarie has hip dysplasia and the bullets are still in her because the vet said they won’t affect her and it’s safer to leave them in. We have to baby her because of her bad hips.

Adoption Status: Not Adoptable because of Special Needs!


Approximate Age: 1 year

Breed (our best guess): Lab Mix


Adoption needs: Princess is a special needs dogs. She has a deformed hip from an accident when she was young. She may need to be watched to be sure she doesn’t overexert herself and injure it again.

Fun Fact: Princess gives the best kisses! She loves to sit in people’s laps and give kisses.

Princess’s Story: Princess was starving and unable to walk. We rescued her so that she would have a chance to find a loving home. How things and doggies change over a few months never fails to amaze me. Princess may be just an ordinary dog to some, but to us, she is a miracle. She runs, she plays and she had as her kennel mate–good ole Lewie. Princess adores children and would like to find a home with children she could run and play with. You really can’t tell her hip isn’t quite right. She is all healed and has gained weight and her coat is shiny. She is a beauty.


Adoption Status: Available!


Approximate Age: 2 years

Breed (our best guess): Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Pretty girl

Adoption needs: Peaches doesn’t always like other dogs, so she will do best in a one-dog home.

Fun Fact: Peaches loves to wrestle with Baby, our lab. They are best friends!

Peaches’ Story: A woman brought Peaches to us after finding her in the middle of a highway. She was almost hit by a semi. She was so sick that we couldn’t even tell what kind of dog she was. She looked awful! She is doing much better now and is looking for her forever home.
Update for Peaches: She loves to be out of her kennel and just hang out. Usually she stays a short while on the dog run and then back to lay in front of the big fan. Peaches loves people, and is wonderful to puppies. She needs a home where she can run and spend time with a forever family.

Adoption Status: Available!