We Never Seem to Run Out of Puppies

Heelers and Helpers— After you have 5–7 week old Heeler puppies, you definitely could use the help. The first week we had them, the noise was unbearable. They have gotten used to us now and are so much calmer. Jordan, Ace, Dakota and Trill are so cute and have unigue sets of spots so we can tell them apart.
OH, ABOUT THE HELP–Well, 12 Hills has been fortunate to find a super gal to help us out. She loves dogs, and knows how to take care of them in just the right way. Oh, we are blessed to have her for our rescue. Thanks Brenda!

2 thoughts on “We Never Seem to Run Out of Puppies

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  2. Dakota, Ace, Tina and Jordan are still here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. You can see for yourself just how sweet and pretty they are. Make good farm dogs as well as a good companion for a one person household. Actually, they would even be great with kids. They love to play with our grand kids.
    Update on the Heelers. Tina and Jordan are still waiting, but the others have found their forever homes. The 2 girls do great on the farm. They run around and play and yet, do not bother anything on anyone. They would make good farm dogs.
    UPDATE; We still have Tina and Jordan. Great dogs!

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