Another Page Turned

Should I or shouldn’t I? That question has been looming over me lately. It all started when a cute little puppy was brought into the library by Bill and Bob.  They had gotten the new puppy from a friend and was she ever adorable. Everyone gathered around and gave her lots of hugs and pats and I got out the dog food and a bowl of water.

Maybe I should stop and explain–our village library is probably like none other, in the sense that is more of a community/youth center when the doors are open. Of course, they are only open 11 hours a week, but that is again another story.

So, this little gal was brought in each week and she was doing great until one night, she appeared in front of the library door wanting in after hours.  So, I picked her up and drove around attempting to find the boys or their parents.  No luck, so I took her home to our rescue.  3 days later, after no phone calls, I took her back to the library with me. We had given the first vaccination, wormed and bathed her. She was beautiful, and when the boys and others came in they were glad to see her.

Thinking I had a prime opportunity to teach about dog care and responsibility, I had a bill all made out showing them what we had done for her and telling them they needed to work off the amount owed.  It didn’t seem to sink in, so off they went home with their puppy. I went home discouraged and wondering why I had failed at teaching them responsibility.

Two weeks later, I received a call and Page (her new name) was wandering the streets again, while the kids were in school. She had appeared at the library and was looking for her safe place. She was attempting to get into cars and people were afraid she would be run over.  This time I waited 4 days with( no one from the family calling) and took her back to the library.  After school, they bailed in happy to see Page.They didn’t ask why I had her, but expected me to hand her over.  I gave them a stern talking to, but of course, they just wanted their puppy back. This time, I took her home with the idea, she would be Page, Library Dog. The boys would have the best of both worlds.  They could see her and love her, and she would be taken care of.  Of course, her name Page, fit right into my new scheme.

So, we tried the library a couple times and she didn’t do all that well. She barked when people came in and sometimes scared them.   She wasn’t happy on a leash—so I took her home and now the boys are wondering, where is their dog, Page? My plan for Page and teaching responsibility has failed.  After much soul searching, I am thinking I should have a good talk with Bill and Bob, and their parents, and put her on our adoption list.  She isn’t like Dewey the library cat.  She is going to be a big dog, that will require training and special attention. More time than I have, right now.

Maybe I should try a bird as our Library mascot next time.

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