He’s What????

Clarence–what a name and what a breed!!  We didn’t know what breed he was, so we guessed.  We were wrong—our local Vet helped out by telling us that Clarence was a  Giant Pyranese mix.  What a shocker to us.  He is big, playful and handsome.  Since he is so big, he will need a family that likes big dogs and can handle them. Don’t think little children should not be in the mix.  Call us about Clarence and better yet, come and meet him. His owners came for a visit and told us his name is Loki.

Clarence ----A Big Boy!

The Wanderer

There she was, waiting to be picked up.  She had been staying at a neighbor’s farm for 2 weeks. Pretty dog–a large dog—-where did she come from??

Now she is here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue, waiting for her new family.  She is one pretty gal, with a reddish black coat and strange golden/green eyes.  To top it off, she has the most sparkling white teeth we have ever seen. We named her Jade, because of those eyes.  She loves to be petted and hugged, and sits quietly beside us with her head on our knee.

Here is Jade!

Was she dumped, or did she wander off from her family?  So far, no one has called to claim her.

So, we have decided to put Jade on the adoption list at Petfinder.com and hope that a great family comes forward to adopt her. Well, one has come forward and they want to be her forever family. We are so happy for Jade and her new family!!!!

Change Is Good!!!

Most of the time it is hard to make changes. Just as we need to eat better, exercise more, etc., some dogs find themselves needing to change.  That is the way it was with Lola.  What a story!  She came to us from a nearby animal control and had only a few days to live. We received a message asking us to take her and give her a chance.  SO WE DID!  At first she was a nightmare waiting to happen. Very loud and screaming bark—almost hysterical type of behavior.The good news is that Lola changed!!! And for the better!  She is a wonderful gal — she has been spending time in the house with us and the other dogs.  She isn’t wild, she isn’t  aggressive, she is calm and happy. What caused the big change in Lola?

  • She was let out of her 5′ x5′ kennel. (she doesn’t like kennels)
  • She was spayed —not long ago,
  • Given special attention

Now, you can find Lola calmly laying at our feet, or just walking around and greeting everyone.  The shiny black Labrador is truly a beautiful dog  inside and out. Here is a picture of her—Hope it show her beauty.

I'm Beautiful---Inside and Out!

Not More Puppies!!!!

Now I love puppies probably more than the average person, but enough is enough. Cannot believe all these puppies in the winter months. This week we got in from the local animal control a shepherd mix female and 5 cute little 6 week old puppies.  An adorable Australian cattle dog female puppy around 10 weeks was picked up.  Today a Chow/Lab mix Momma( that was picked up this week)  had 5 new babies.   So that makes 11–and add that to the other 3 (Bootsie, Maggie Mae & Cracker)–we now have a grand total of 14 puppies. 14 puppies to find good loving forever families.  That is besides all the other young and adults dogs we have waiting for families.  Get the word out—we need families for our doggies.

Well, not to complain–We do love our doggies—young and old, but it makes me even more aware of the need for that free Spay and Neuter Clinic we are hoping for this summer.  We just hope that it will happen and that it will help the dogs in our community.


Last week was one of those —I can’t believe it weeks.  12 Hills was called to get 4 little puppies from underneath an abandoned mobile home.  The mother had been taken into the pound and the puppies were left behind.  The first 2 were easy to catch–and so they were brought here, given the royal treatment and placed in a warm place to recover.  The last 2 were stinkers to catch–neighbors tried, Brenda (assistant at 12 Hills) tried, but to no avail.  Everyone hoped that the food and treats would help them to trust people a little more.  Nothing happened–then finally on Thursday –there they sat–perfectly still waiting to be rescued. They were scooped t up and brought them out to be with their brothers.

The next day it turned very cold, and they probably wouldn’t have survived.  Thanks to caring people and answered prayers—-they are safe and sound with the rest of the gang.

Here is a picture of them receiving their first bath.

I Came In For This??

They Say a Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Once in a while we capture something in the eyes of a dog when we take their picture.  That is so true with our gal Jerrie. We haven’t had her that long, but her face says so much. She expresses love and patience with those eyes. This week she shared her love with the new puppies. They came into 12 Hills scared and cold and she laid down with them and mothered them.  She sleeps on a pillow beside their pen and when they are out–they are with Jerrie.

The last 2 of Jerrie’s puppies are Bootsie and Maggie May—Jerrie was spayed this week and now she is ready for her new forever home.  She is really one in a million and we know that there is a special

Her Face Says It All

family out there for her.


This little girl is a gem. She was the smallest of the litter, and doesn’t like the word runt.  For some strange reason, I named her Cracker.  She is so soft and has a grayish brown coat of fur. I think they call it sable.  Anyway, she is waiting in the nursery shed with her friends Bootsie and Maggie May. We are hoping this week we can find new homes for each of them with wonderful forever families.  Of course we have 4 new puppies that came in this week to move there soon.

But then, that is another story for another day.

Cracker is a Cutie!

Sisters. . . .and Adorable!!!

Maggie May likes to play!

Take a look at Bootsie (white) and Maggie May(black).  They are the last of the Chow/lab puppies to be adopted. I think we may have saved the best for last.

It took quite awhile for all their hair to grow back–but it is so pretty, now.  To top it off they both have wonderful personalities–love to run and play and are very social. Better yet, they like to cuddle.  They are about 3 months old and ready for their new families.

I'm Bootsie

Milo And His Sisters!

Here is Milo!!!

Milo is still here and it is a mystery to us!  He is fat and sassy and gorgous to boot. His little sister Cracker is still very tiny. We are thinking she may be a smaller   breed. It is always a mystery at 12 Hills.  Skittles is so sweet and I love the cute little dots on her left ear. Not sure if we have a recent picture of her, but will share one of Milo with you.  Let us know if you are interested. The puppies are 8 weeks old and have had 2 vaccinations and ready for their new homes.

What a Crew!!!

Here is Bootsie!

Bootsie is white and Maggie Mae is black–they are the last 2 puppies of the Chow/Lab litter.  They have all their hair back and are adorable and anxious for their new forever families. Right now they are hanging out with the 4 puppies left of Freckles.  Skittles, Kibbles, Cracker & Milo are a little younger than the Chow Labs, but make up for it in size.   Milo is going to be the biggest of the crew.  They are all very healthy and eating 12 HIlls out of house and home. Call us and let us know if you are interested in any of these special puppies.

More Adventures of Bonnie and Clyde

What a pair–and may-be the title should be the mis-adventures of Bonnie and Clyde.  They have quite a story to begin with and it seems to get more interesting the older they are. A Deputy Sheriff had gone to a residence to check on a reported case abandoned dogs.  After looking around he found 2 little emaciated puppies starving in the collapsed pool.  If some water hadn’t been there, they probably would have died.

The puppies were brought to 12 Hills Dog Rescue and were given special care to get them back on their feet.  We named the puppies Bonnie and Clyde, because their adventure turned into a disaster.  We have been caring for them for the past few months and hoping that they would find the perfect home.  We thought that the perfect couple had come along, but after 3 days they decided that Bonnie was too shy and would require too much special care to reabilitate her.  Of course we took them back and both Bonnie and Clyde are back in their kennel tonight–and happy to be home. Maybe they weren’t quite ready to go out into the world–but it won’t be long.  We know that both the puppies are shy and their growth has been stunted due to the severe neglect they encountered.  We will continue to work with them—loving them until they find the perfect family that will love them and help them fully recover.  It has been a long road, but both Bonnie and Clyde are very special and we hope their next adventure is their forever home.

Tina seems to be telling Jordan to Smile for the Camera!

Why are Jordan and Tina still at 12 Hills Dog Rescue??? We surely don’t know why. They are both beautiful, with lots of energy and love to give that special family.  They are lab and heeler mix and we think the combination would make great family dogs.  Even though they have lots of energy, they are still able to sit quietly by your side and just hang out.  They are 6 months old and getting closer to being spayed.  They would make great farm dogs and enjoy riding in the 4 WD mule each night when they go for the run. 

Dog of the Week #2

What about Buddy?—What a guy! He can talk to you —if he likes you.  He isn’t any trouble at all. Buddy has been neutered, had all his immunizations and is still waiting for the right family to come along.  Buddy isn’t a trouble maker, he is a special pal for the right person.  Buddy likes to hang out with you and just be there by your side.  He is about a year old and we are guessing a shepherd mix. He weighs around 50# and is beautiful golden in color. I hope that someone looks at Buddy soon and sees what we see.—An awesome family dog!