Here is Doodles

Doodles is a brother of Snicker and Tater. He is also one of the wild puppies that we have been working with.  Still a little wary of people, but I think it is time to move him on to a patient, loving family.  They seem to like kids and other doggies, so that will help them transition.


Big Ears Everywhere!

It seems that lately a number of dogs that have arrived at 12 Hills have huge ears that stand at attention! What does that tell you???  Guess we have a variety of German Shepherd mixes at the rescue.  Three of the boys with those big ears are Snicker, Doodle and Tater.  They came to us–straight from swamp land around 7 weeks old.  There Mom is German Shepherd, and their Dad????, well you know the story. Unknown!   We have been working with them each day and a great dog, Choco the boxer has been training them socially in dealing with animals and people. 

Now, they should be moving on to their families.  What kind of families?? Ones that will be able to spend special time with them, loving and being patient with their shyness.  No, they don’t trust all people yet, but growing to trust us and are licking our hands and allowing us to pet them. 

If you like their looks and have the patience and love to share–come and meet Snicker, Doodle, and Tater and maybe just maybe, they will win your heart and one of them will go home with you.Image

What a Nice Guy!

Blackie is one of those dogs that you can rave about.  He came to 12 Hills Dog Rescue several months ago. He had been picked up by animal control, and no one came to claim him.  Why?? He is a loving, loyal and gets along great with all the other dogs here.  He would make a great family dog, and very loyal.  Why does he get overlooked? Maybe I am not doing my job telling everyone and showing his beauty.  So here he is Blackie, the Husky/Chow.Image