Looking for Families to Adopt Dogs in Need!

Some of the dogs at 12 Hills have been waiting for quite awhile to find their forever homes. What ever the reason is that they are still here—they would be great companions for a family. Each dog has a different personality. Some are outgoing, while others need a little more work and some special kindness.  Some are active, and some are easy going and enjoy just being with you. 12 Hills has dogs of every breed mix and personality., and we hope to find them homes before the snow starts flying.  That is why we are offering the last 2 weeks of September a special discount for some of the dogs we have that need homes.

This discount is very special–and the families receiving it must share with us how they will take care of the dog that they would like to adopt.  Those doggies are:

Pee Wee or (Pete) as we sometimes call him–2 years old, shy, needs to be worked with one on one.  Black with beautiful markings, and is neutered.
Cooper is a great dog and why hasn’t someone snatched him up. Red-cinnamon color–part lab/chow and neutered.

Cody–is a beauty and hasn’t been here long, but would make a great dog for a family.

Bounty can jump in the air 4 ft. on all fours and needs to be neutered and have rest of shots.  (Young dog)

Leroy is handsome with his white socks and is young also.  Needs neutered and rest of shots

Taxi is a little spooky yet, but will tame down if he is worked with and so adorable.  (young dog) needs shots and neutered.

Tess was with Taxi when we found them–also shy, but would come out of her shell if worked with (young dog-needs shots/neutered.)

Trixie came with Tess and is very quiet. She needs someone to show her that she can have fun and be loved (young and needs spayed/shots)

I will be posting pictures of these soon, but call and ask about the special price and remember–don’t call if you aren’t able to take care of their needs, and give them the love they need.

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