It is Almost Time

Time for Buttons to go to the special Vet and have her surgery. We were waiting until she was a little older.  Buttons is a special girl with special needs.  She has 2 hernias, so will need to fix them and get her spayed all in the same day. Poor little thing, I can’t bear to think of her at the hospital having her surgery.  Oh well, I know Buttons will bounce right back–she is so full of energy, and can I say this? Naughty to boot!  Buttons wants to have you hold her, then chews on your hand. She is a character! When Stevie and family (from Stevie’s Furry Friends) were here, she even fetched the ball for the kids. Now that is a dog!  Buttons only weighs about 10#, but that 10# is a ball of fun and will make some family very happy. Watch for Buttons in the near future and I will try and keep everyone updated on how her surgery goes.Image


When Is Skinny Good?

Well, I guess Italian Greyhounds are supposed to be thin. But how thin?  We have a new young male–so handsome and full of energy, but I think he is a little thin. I can see his ribs and backbone–is that normal for that breed, or do we need to fatten him up a little.  Regardless, he is eating and wants out of his kennel. Tomorrow is the last day for his family to claim him, and then he goes on our adoption list.  Hope he finds a good home with a family that understand and love his breed.  I know the breed are fast for sure, and we named him Rocket.  He wants to blast out of his kennel, so you have to be fast when feeding him.  Watch for Rocket in the next week–we will have pictures and more about him soon.

Another one of Chuck’s Picks!

Lucy is adorable, full of energy, loves everyone and needs a family. She could use a family with active children that like to run and play, throw the ball, swim—whatever!  She is ready for the adventure. 

Let me tell you about Lucy–she is about 6 months old and has shiny jet black hair. She is all Lab, (we are thinking) and she is healthy and just an all around great dog.  Well, we let her out of the kennel–and who did she run to?? Guess?  Chuck again! How does he do it?  She adores him and is by his side when he is outside.  She is very loyal and sweet, and Chuck said, “Now that Lucy, she is a sweetie.” It won’t be long and she will be riding in the seat next to him on the Mule (that’s our 4 wheeler). But first she will have to wait her turn. Usually Page or Kelly have that spot for now. 

Take a close look at Lucy, or better yet, come and meet her. AND THAT IS WHY LUCY IS ONE OF “CHUCK’S PICKS”

A Fun Afternoon With Friends & and Family!

Today we had a visit from Stevie, Ashleigh, Dawn and Grandma Lynn. Stevie from Stevie’s Furry Friends, and his family have been at our rescue several times. What a blessing they have been for us.  We have received collars, dog beds, shampoo, biscuits, dog food, etc.  Today they came to make a fun video with the dogs and our granddaughter Kariden was here to meet them.  She made friends with Ashleigh and received a bear hug from Stevie when he left.  They seemed to have fun as they helped point out the dogs that were available for adoption.They left us more collars, biscuits and other goodies. The dogs loved the toys they received–especially the big ball and rope toy.
We have such great friends and volunteers.  What would we do without you all???  Thanks Stevie for bringing your family for the afternoon.  Tell Grandma that Roxie is missing her.

The Wild Ones Are Out and Being Socialized!

It was meant to be—Andre is the one socializing the 3 very shy puppies.  We had found them on the highway and brought them back to 12 Hills Rescue. They were hungry, scared and needing some tender loving care.  They were placed in an inside kennel for a few weeks and  yesterday moved them to the yard with Andre. It is ironic–because Andre was in the same stage about a month ago.  Dogs socializing dogs works wonders.

So look forward to seeing the 3 new ones in the near future!

I Love It–When a Plan Comes Together

Jack went home with his new family last night.  They had come to find a dog about 2 weeks ago and in the process they discovered Jack.  He is a Akita, Chow and German Shepherd mix.  He loves little ones and when they saw him kiss their 5 month old, they knew he was the one.  So, they went back home and started moving into their new place and when they were done–back they came for Jack.

He seemed to be happy when he left with them–except he was afraid of getting into the car.  He prefers the back seat and it was full of baby.  Anyway, we are thrilled to see Jack find such an awesome family and wishing them all the best in their new place and with their new dog.