The Super Bowl is Over–Let’s Get Down to Business!

What Did  You say--I'm All Ears!

What Did You say–I’m All Ears!

The dogs at 12 Hills Dog Rescue–wanted me to tell everyone they enjoyed the Super Bowl, but think it is time that all dog lovers get back to business.  What business you ask??  The business of finding just the right dog for your family at 12 Hills.  There are all ages, sizes, colors and breeds.  There are puppies, young dogs, adults and senior dogs. There are puppies–like Bob (the 9 week old shepherd mix–with the bob-tail).  Sophie the cute husky/rottie mix with a bob-tail. There is Toto,(2yrs) and Larry, Vinnie, Isaiah and Shorty. Now those are just the lap doggies.  We have 2 female 8 week old Bassett type pups. Also, there are 6 Rottie mix puppies that will be ready in a week or so.  This is the most small breed dogs we have had, for some time. We have a number of medium sized dogs, large dogs and several extra large dogs.  Gidget and Ginger, Corgi/Lab sister are looking for a new home where they can be together. They have been spayed, had vaccinations and ready to love a new family. There are too many dogs to mention. Maybe, it would be easier for you to call and make an appointment to visit 12 Hills. You may find—just the right dog to complete your family.

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