I Wonder???

I wonder, do dogs get the winter blahs? Especially those waiting for their forever families? I know that the cold and grey days of winter can take its toll on people. I am a sunshine person, and after a few rainy days or grey days I feel the blahs coming on.  At 12 Hills the dogs get their exercise every day.  Last night when Chuck took the 16 out for their nightly run, I just shook my head.  The dogs were even ready to come in and go to their heated kennels. Sometimes my husband amazes me with his dedication to the dogs we find.  All sizes, shapes and breeds—it doesn’t matter, he does his best to make their stay a good one, and to help them prepare for their new families.

Yes, I do think dogs get the winter blahs, They need an extra love pat, a hug, maybe a biscuit and some kind words. It doesn’t take much and they love it all.  Wouldn’t it be great if people were more

Fluffy is ready for some lovin!

Fluffy is ready for some lovin!

like that?

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