Hi Dog Lovers,

I haven’t written a post for awhile. I think the grey weather had something to do with what I accomplished the last few weeks.  This morning as I was waiting for my first cup of coffee, I had the usual good morning greetings from the dogs that stay inside our home.  Sophie followed me from room to room, quietly waiting for some special attention and a kind word.  She has grown into a beautiful young lady (or doggie).  She has this special way of looking at you, that makes you want to run to her and tell her, that she is loved and it everything will be OK.  Sophie has a story—much like some of the other puppies that come here, but hers is unique.

We received a phone call from a woman who had 6 puppies, and they needed to find a home right away. One had been injured, and needed help.  She brought them here, and there was this little red one that was skinny and had a huge amount of swelling on her back legs. She was so pathetic, but she wagged her little broken tail and looked into our eyes, in a special way–that spoke volumes. 

We found out that the little red dog had been run over a week ago, but there was no money for the Vet, so they brought her and her siblings to 12 Hills Dog Rescue for assistance.  We immediately gave our little injured gal antibiotics and in a few days the swelling was down. We took her to the Animal Hospital for xrays, and found that her femur had been broken, and it was already calloused–so no way of fixing it.  She was already compensating for the injury and was walking on it a little.  Her broken tail was docked, she was passed around to every Vet tech, and everyone remarked, that she was “ONE SPECIAL LITTLE PUPPY.”


We brought her home and a few days later, she came down with Parvo.  What a sick little gal she was!  Thanks to Chuck’s excellent care and special attention, Sophie (her new name) pulled through.

If Sophie could talk, she would tell you about those times she almost died.  What we are left with is a special needs dog, that is one in a Million!  Sophie has a wiggle in her walk–because of her broken femur. But she loves life—she loves people, and she is patiently wondering why no one has come to make her part of the family.

Did I tell you that Sophie is supposed to be a rottie mix? But she is a pretty red–with a cream mask and has large ears that stand up.  What breed? We are unsure, but we know that she needs a special family. A family that will always love her “just the way she is.”Image

2 thoughts on “JUST THE WAY SHE IS!

    • She could be—she is a sweetie for sure. Also have a dog named Precious. She came from Katrina Hurricane, and was adopted by serviceman. He was deployed and his sister brought her here. She is a great dog and would be good for a Vet.

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