More Dogs That Have Waited Long Enough

Placing a few more pictures on the blog of some of our dogs that have been with us for too long.  They are great dogs, but just never chosen.  When you have 75-80 dogs at a time it is hard to keep ahead of the ones coming in.  This is Jerry—a heeler mix. He has been neutered–and is always overlooked. He likes to be the Alpha dog–so a one or 2 dog home with older kids desired.




Jenny is a Imagegreat girl, just a little insecure, which causes her to snip at other dogs sometimes.  She should go to a farm or big back yard as one dog in the family.  She likes to protect those she loves. Image This is Blondie–(our Vet) named him after his horrible accident. Was run over and we had a hard time catching him. He had a broken collar bone and leg–was cast, but still not able to walk on all fours. He is a special needs guy, but can get around great–non shedding to boot. Loves women—a little shy.

ImageMindy has waited long enough. She is shiny black and we think a rat terrier mix.  We are guessing her at 6 months.



6-13-2013 045 (640x480)
Bear is a character. She is a small to medium gal, and loves people. She likes to be the center of attention, and so she does get jealous of other dogs. She would make a great dog to take in a truck or just hang out with.
DSCN5861 (640x480)
Mike is quite the Rat Terrier. He has an attitude to go with his cute face. He loves people, likes to be the only dog, and probably wouldn’t do well with cats or other male dogs. He needs neutered, soon. Cute as a bug!
DSCN5866 (640x480)
Bounty should have been named Bouncey, but has settled down that last few months. He is a year old, neutered and needs a home with someone to take him on walks and give him the attention he needs. His coat is so soft.
DSCN4832 (640x480)
Last but not the least–is our special girl Sophie. We have had her since she has been 7 weeks old. She was injured before she came here, but has healed and she is beautiful. Please take a second look at those big ears. We think she may have some husky and dobie in her background.


“Plea for Help”

We are overwhelmed–under staffed, and we hope to find a solution that will help us get our numbers down.  What we are asking is for other rescues, dog lovers and volunteers to assist us in finding homes for some of the dogs that have been here longer than necessary. We have large dogs—dogs of all sizes, shapes, colors and breeds.  We have young dogs, older dogs and even feral dogs.

Any ideas would be appreciated!  For instance the feral dogs, Tess, Trixie and Taxi, are not getting any tamer, because we cannot work with them. Andre needs special attention–as does Queen the female wolf/husky.

We have a number of dogs that need to be on farms, and there adoption fee will be waived.  All we want are stable, loving homes for them–long term. Not for one month or one year–but for the rest of their lives.

So if you have any ideas, know of anyone that needs or wants a dog–please don’t hesitate to call 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  We have helped other rescues in the past and hope there are rescues out there that have the space to help us out.

Thanks for reading our “Plea for Help” Photos are of Sam and Boss–just 2 of the doggies that are offered to a good forever family at a no cost adoption fee.