Where Do We Begin???

Where do we begin?? Should we even go there?  These are questions that we have asked ourselves at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  I am talking about filing for a 501c3 non-profit status.  There are many questions and concerns that we have concerning this matter, and I just need the right person to answer them for us.

  • Will it be worthwhile for the rescue–making it easier for grants and adoptions?
  • Is it going to be all time consuming-keeping up with the paperwork?
  • Will there be more people to volunteer on site, as well as do photographs, fostering, adoption events, etc.?
  • Then there is the initial paperwork, cost?

These are all questions that we would like answered–so if there is anyone out there that has any comments or answers, please pass them on.Image


Picture Says It All

Picture Says It All

Nyla & Gator with Granddaughter