Wonderful Weather for a Walk and Updating Pictures

Omaha--says Hello!

Omaha–says Hello!

Bryan happy to see me!

Bryan happy to see me!

Kayne, Angel & Sam

Kayne, Angel & Sam



Luke, Willie & Amos

Luke, Willie & Amos

The weather in Nebraska is beautiful today. Not too hot and just right to walk and see the colors of the season.  The dogs at 12 HIlls Dog Rescue love this type of weather. Everyone is so happy–It is almost like they are saying, “What a Great Day!”  That’s if they could talk to us in our language.  But that is a topic for another day.  Anyway, I walked around to the outside dogs and greeted all of them, and took a few photos for updates on petfinder.com.

I could tell that the dogs are enjoying the new dog houses that were donated thanks to Tom, Dale and Denise.  The were made with love and decorated special.  On nice warm fall days it is easy to be thankful for all our volunteers and donations, but when it is rainy and cold, or I am tired and we have more dogs than we can handle, I tend to forget the blessings. It has been one of those weeks for all of us here at the rescue.  Rescue work is very hard, and much of the time it is a thankless job—but I need to remember that the dogs appreciate the love and care they receive and let the rest go.  Yes, Autumn is my favorite season—it always reminds me of the beauty out there and the blessings that I take for granted.

Now, back to the photos: These are pictures of some of the doggies that we have that need a forever home.


3 thoughts on “Wonderful Weather for a Walk and Updating Pictures

  1. JUst wondering , my daughter works at a humane society in a bigger city. She says the dogs average usually no longer than 10 day stay . Would it be possible to take some of the dogs to “the city” for adoption since they probably get more people traffic ?? God bless you, your family and friends for the good you do .

    • Sorry I am so slow in checking our blog. Well, I have tried Omaha and they want paid for each dog, and can be put down after so long.
      What we need is a non-profit to sponsor us, so we can attend pet adoption days. Since we are not a 501c3, we cannot go on our own. It would be great to find a rescue to partner with and we could share the dogs that weren’t getting adopted. Thanks for your input

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