Life is funny isn’t it. The times of my life when I am feeling let down, tired, disillusioned–along comes someone or something to change my perspective.

This morning I was sitting at the computer, working on my sermon for this morning. (I’m also a pastor of a small church) I had just read the story of Barnabus, the encourager, and moved on to check my email messages.
There I found a message and numerous pictures from the family that adopted Lu Lu Legs. Her new name is Sophie, and the pictures tell the story. She looks very content and happy, and loves her new sister dog. There are pictures of her playing with sticks, tug of war, relaxing and riding in a car. All the things that most dogs love to do.
Last night we received a picture from a couple that adopted Trudy. They had her in their engagement picture. She looks so special and important, posing with them for their special announcement. She is loved also.

We are so thankful to the families that adopt our dogs from 12 Hills Dog Rescue. When we need a lift, our families seem to be there to share with us. Thanks so much!download_009

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