This is Boy!

This is Boy!

Boy, arrived on Tuesday, as a surrender. He is definitely all Great Pyrenees and so handsome. Boy is just a year old and is in need of a good grooming and some vaccinations. We will provide some of the vaccinations here and ask that his new family complete them with the rabies when he is taken to be neutered.
We were told that Boy is great with kids and other dogs. He will need to be in a large fenced in yard, so that he doesn’t roam, like some others in his breed. We don’t think that “Boy” will be at the rescue long, so if interested call and set up and appointment to meet him.

You Need to See This One!



Talk about a cutie—and one of a kind. That describes Marabelle perfectly. She arrived at 12 Hills Dog Rescue this week from a local animal control. Marabelle appears to be a Bassett/Bulldog. She is very short in stature with beautiful liver coloring and markings, and then there is that American Bulldog face. I don’t think there is another one like her, and her personality matches her beauty. Marabelle is easy going and her smile seems to always be in place. She is looking for just the right family—we are going to be super picky finding just the right family for this “one in a million girl.”
She is a young dog, we are guessing 12 months or younger. We hope to find out more about her in the days ahead.
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Shaggy before his haircut

Shaggy before his haircut

The Pile of hair--now the bath

The Pile of hair–now the bath

Here he is--The Real Deal!

Here he is–The Real Deal!

Most of us have seen make-overs before on television. It seems that person experiencing the make over changes right before your eyes, and a different, happier and more confident person emerges. That is exactly what happened to a little guy that came to 12 Hills Dog Rescue.
First, let me give you a little history about this little dog. He has been wandering the community for several years with hair hanging in clumps. So sad and painful to even look at. No one could catch him, and his owner refused offers for a free hair clipping for him.
Now the rest of the story. He came to us a couple days ago, and today we began cutting the clumps of hair off him. The pile was huge in the end, and the little guy was so patient through the entire procedure. After a couple hours of scissoring, using the clippers and a bath, he were amazed. What a transformation! You could call it an Extreme Make-over!” He is adorable and his entire personality seemed to change before our eyes.
Shaggy, (what everyone called him) is a different dog already. He is so handsome and he knows it. He begs to be held, in fact, he wants us to carry him everywhere. I just don’t have the heart to put him back in the big kennel, so he is now wearing a wrap in the house, and we are beginning his next new adventure, house training.
We could rant and rave about the neglect and abuse of leaving a doggie in this state, but I am choosing to look on the positive side. We know that Shaggy has so much potential. And the first thing on my list is to give him a new and better name—because the old Shaggy is gone, and a new doggie is here for sure! What do you think his new name should be?

This One Was A Hard One

Rescuing dogs is hard, but letting them go, is sometimes harder for us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. Case in point: Jason the beautiful black Lab. Jason came to us over 3 years ago, as an underweight sad looking 4 or 5 year old. He had some of his teeth broken off trying to chew through a wire fence. He roamed the streets, and he was in need of some good Vet care and a stable home. He quickly bonded to us and put his big paw print on our hearts, right away. He was especially fond of Brenda, and vice versa. She saw right away, just how special Jason was. He was especially grateful to Brenda, for rescuing him, and followed her everywhere in the days and weeks after he first arrived. Of course he was always waiting for her to walk through the door every day when she arrived at the rescue.
Jason stayed in the bottom kennel for awhile, and then was out and about on the farm. He gradually pushed his way onto the porch and then into our big dining room. There he found a special hiding place under Chuck’s big desk. No amount of coaxing would move that dog, when he was ready for his nap, or bedtime. As Jason gained some weight we begin to notice an odd sway to his back, which gradually developed into arthritis, when it was rainy or we had a sudden change in weather. Jason was given medication and joint minerals, and we made the decision to take him off the adoption list. Numerous times we had people that had come to adopt another dog, ask if they could adopt Jason, but each time we said no. We just weren’t sure if the owner would go the course with a dog with Jason’s hip problems.
Then, along came Emily—a nice gal, and not only knowledgeable about dog care and on a long road to becoming a Doctor.
The odd thing was, she didn’t ask for a senior dog at the beginning, but brought her senior golden with her to meet another one of our dogs. Somehow, Brenda just knew she should ask Emily if she wanted to meet a wonderful senior boy named Jason. Well, it was love at first sight. We had someone who loved senior dogs, who knew the right medication that he would need for his health problems, and we were faced with the decision. Everything felt right, and we told Emily, that we would allow her to adopt our Jason–health problems and all.
He would have a nice bed of his own, and guess what? There is even a place under her desk for him to lay and warm keep her feet, just like Chuck. I wish that I could say it was easy to say goodbye, but it was a rough week waiting for her return. Jason became suspicious during the week and didn’t want to leave Chuck’s side, and when Emily filled out the papers, he got cold feet. In the end, I had to go in the house and do some crying myself. It was tough.
Well, we got him in the truck and he is at his new home tonight. Emily said the children next door were excited and can’t wait to meet another loving dog. I imagine that Jason received a wonderful brushing and hugs from young and old alike when he arrived at his new home.
Yes, this was a hard one—to say good-bye to a good friend and one of the family. Emily promised to bring him down one of these days for a visit in between her exams.
So good luck–Jason–you are loved and we wish you much happiness and good health for your remaining years.
AND THANKS TO EMILY for caring about the senior dogs. Not enough people do, and they can give you so much joy and comfort.

Brenda, Chuck and Nola with Jason.

Brenda, Chuck and Nola with Jason.

I'm Not Coming OUT

I’m Not Coming OUT

Bye Brenda--I'll Always Love YOU!

Bye Brenda–I’ll Always Love YOU!

I'm Ready Now

I’m Ready Now

Come on, Emily, before I change my mind!

Come on, Emily, before I change my mind!


Life is funny isn’t it. The times of my life when I am feeling let down, tired, disillusioned–along comes someone or something to change my perspective.

This morning I was sitting at the computer, working on my sermon for this morning. (I’m also a pastor of a small church) I had just read the story of Barnabus, the encourager, and moved on to check my email messages.
There I found a message and numerous pictures from the family that adopted Lu Lu Legs. Her new name is Sophie, and the pictures tell the story. She looks very content and happy, and loves her new sister dog. There are pictures of her playing with sticks, tug of war, relaxing and riding in a car. All the things that most dogs love to do.
Last night we received a picture from a couple that adopted Trudy. They had her in their engagement picture. She looks so special and important, posing with them for their special announcement. She is loved also.

We are so thankful to the families that adopt our dogs from 12 Hills Dog Rescue. When we need a lift, our families seem to be there to share with us. Thanks so much!download_009


I’m a little slow on posting–my daughter-in-law informed me it is National Dog Day, and thought I should write something special–or maybe post some pictures. RIGHT!!! At 12 Hills Dog Rescue—it seems everyday is a special dog day—this evening we received an adorable 8 week old poodle/schnauzer. She is so sweet—and a little nervous to be in a new place. Tomorrow we will start her health regimen, but for tonight, she is getting used to us and some of our small ones.
So, back to National Dog Day! Should I mention the dogs that we loved and lost? Or, maybe the ones we have helped that were extra-special, or maybe some dogs we have here at the rescue now, still waiting for their families.
Last week we lost our special girl Daisy Mae. She was 10 years old and Chuck’s special shadow. Knowing her time was getting short, she needed to be with him whenever she could. She even sat in the pickup on Sunday mornings while he was in church, and enjoyed riding with him on his Mule. So, this year—it seems fitting to honor Daisy Mae. We will miss you, girl!SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
Mentioning those dogs that we have had for some time come to mind. Dogs like Page, Harley, Chico, Omaha, Jimmy, Emerson–still waiting, for their forever families. We don’t lose hope that they will be adopted. Lu Lu Legs found her family this week, and we are happy for her. Now we have so many others still waiting. . . .
So thanks to all the dogs that have shared their doggie kisses, comfort and love with us over the years. We celebrate knowing each one of you!


Running a dog rescue has its ups and downs. There is always plenty of hard work to do, but the end result is amazing! I am always overjoyed when a plan comes together. I mean the perfect dog for a particular family. Sometimes our dogs wait what seems like a long time for that to happen. I imagine to the dog, it seems even longer.

Case in point is the story of Oswald. He came to us, a little on the thin side, and at once we knew he was a special dog.  Oswald, or Ozzie as I call him is an Aussie Bulldog, white with brindle markings.  He was low key, loving and always minded his own business, when he was out in the exercise pen.  A few times he was allowed to go on the exercise run, but he enjoyed going over to our neighbors and visiting their dogs too much. So

He had great fun there wrestling with our poster gal “Clover”.
Well, to make a long story short and cut to the “happy ending”, Ozwald found his new family and is doing great! His new Mom told me that she dearly loves him, and we are thinking the feeling is mutual for Ozzie.
Amazing—story, and I could share more. Maybe I will post some of our successes soon.DSCN7707 (640x480)