New and Exciting Changes!

I have been asking myself that question lately. We have been licensed since 2009, and usually adopt close to 150 dogs each year. We have a large number of dogs here at the rescue, and yet, we have been told numerous times that 12 Hills Dog Rescue is one of the best well-kept secrets in Northeast NE.
Maybe it is because we are a little different than most of the rescues in our area. We aren’t located in a city, operate a large facility, or have a large base of volunteers. 12 Hills is located on our family farm, with 3 of us running the rescue. I am assuming that the day to day care, socializing, and work it takes for each dog, has kept us from having the needed publicity to put our name out there. The New Year has already brought some BIG changes. We recently applied and received our 501c3 for the rescue. We believe that new and exciting things are going to take place because of this new status. Watch for more new and exciting happenings at 12 Hills in the future. We are going to begin our Wish List next week!

Mikey--Jailbird to Sweetheart!

Mikey–Jailbird to Sweetheart!

Amos--A great Farm Dog!

Amos–A great Farm Dog!

Iris has been waiting for so long.

Iris has been waiting for so long.

2 thoughts on “New and Exciting Changes!

  1. I couldn’t be happier with the dog we adopted from you. Oscar is doing well Nola. Thanks again. He really is a ‘sweetie’.

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