Sometimes–I Wish–Wish–and—Wish Some More!

A few years ago, I wrote a poem about how I wish people who had pets would learn to care for them responsibly. Lately, I have been thinking of all the dogs we have taken in that are neglected, abandoned, and I just wish that somehow I could help more people learn how to be better pet owners.
These are just some of the abuse we have seen in the last few months.
Severe mange—starving dogs—dogs that are dumped—dogs left on chains without food, water or shelter.
The list could go on and on, but does it really matter to those who have abused or neglected their dogs? Do they know or realize that is what they are doing? Do they realize that they are responsible for a living creature, that depends on them for their needs? If the tables were turned, and they were the animal, what would they like? Maybe a dog house, out of the snow and cold rain. Or, maybe not to be tied up and left to die without food or water. Maybe a trip to the Vet to treat the sores on their body, or to have the vaccinations they need.
I wonder, and I wish—yes—I wish that people would ask us if they have questions, or problems with their dogs. Our rescue has helped so many, but wouldn’t it just be great, if we could see less abuse, less neglect for the dogs out there. Are we making a difference? I wish—wish and hope we are.
So, I wish for more time to educate the pet owners that I meet. I wish for more thought when getting a new puppy or doggie. I wish–I just wish.

Dog who was never groomed.

Dog who was never groomed.

IMG_0062 (640x480)

Chain--on dog--no shelter.

Chain–on dog–no shelter.

Bad case of mange

Bad case of mange

Starving Dog

Starving Dog

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