What About Me?

I was thinking about some of the dogs we have at the rescue. If they could talk to the people who come to the rescue, what would they say? I think maybe they might say, “What About Me?” “Look at Me, I’m a great dog!”, No, don’t go over to that puppy, I may be older, but I can be a lot of fun.”
If only they could talk, they could tell us their story, and maybe it would be easier to find some of them their forever families. Some of our doggies, have been waiting for quite a long time. I think they must wonder if they will be here at our rescue until they die of old age.
I don’t want to be negative, but sometimes the same dogs get overlooked over and over. Today, we showed Hunter to some people and he bounded out, so happy, and then he lifted up his feet and actually pranced to greet a young lady. He was giving her his very best side. He wasn’t the dog for them, but I know that there is someone out there that would love Hunters special enthusiasm for life. I think that I just need to work harder at getting some pictures that show his true personality.
Then there is Red, he looks at us through his kennel with those big chocolate brown eyes, just like he is asking, “Is it my turn?” Red needs a couple that can show him the attention and love he craves. He loves to walk and is a very loyal boy, but hasn’t been around young children.
Then there is Chico and Harley, 2 extra large Lab mixes. They are full of fun and would be great on an acreage. Jimmy is a Stafford shire Terrier mix and looks scary, but loves people. He always gets overlooked. And Peaches, a large female Stafford shire is now 7 years and would make a great dog for the right family. She loves going for drives in the pickup.
So, just wanted to remind those thinking of adopting, that sometimes we look past what is right before our eyes. Just give a second look to some of dogs that have been with us for awhile. I hope to work harder at updating them and providing new pictures in the future.

Peaches 7 + years--she is depressed.

Peaches 7 + years–she is depressed.

This Red--you can see his black tongue.

This Red–you can see his black tongue.

Emerson needs a Family

Emerson needs a Family

This is Chico. His brother Harley looks so much like him.

This is Chico. His brother Harley looks so much like him.



Our Bay Bay!

Our Bay Bay!


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