Watching the Puppies Grow!

It is fascinating and exciting to watch puppies change before your eyes. One day they are just tiny little mouse looking creatures, and the next thing you know they are 4 weeks old and getting their own personalities! I think their Mama “Shine”must be wondering–“how did this happen?” She is so happy and proud when we come into the nursery. Of course, I do think she wants a little more attention given to herself, since she is doing all the hard work. Yesterday, she had her spa day–a bath and coconut oil rub massage. She still looks thin, but her eyes shine so bright, we think she is doing well.
After some searching and help from our granddaughter, Kariden each puppy, has a name, and they all start with the letter M. So here are the babies debut–complete with names. I wonder what breed they are? Some look cocker, and it looks like two are chihuahua, and two have hair like Shine. And yes, we are still wondering what breed their Mama is. Is she a maltese mix, or bichon? It really doesn’t matter–Shine is a great little gal!









Mayla-- Female

Mayla– Female





Mira (Miracle)--female

Mira (Miracle)–female

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