Playing Catch-up!

What a busy weekend! I almost feel that going back to work will give me some rest. I imagine that many people feel that way, during the busy summer months. Running a dog rescue on your farm, keeps us on our toes. I Just returned home from a week at our church retreat center for family camp. I had a great time, and now it is back to work and yes, playing catch-up with pictures, stories and updates on all the doggies at 12 Hills.
First, I want to say, we have quite a few older dogs here, that would be awesome companions for someone or a couple that just want a dog that is not quite as active.
Of course we have puppies—as a matter of fact, 5 more puppies were born this week. Freida is very proud of her beautiful litter, and they look almost as large as Shine’s 6 week old puppies. Shine’s puppies are doing nicely, and had their first Vet visit and vaccination. They will be getting a bath this week, and will be ready in 2 weeks.
We have 2 dogs that were found along the highway, and one had a broken leg. Princess Amy is recuperating from her injuries, and will see the Vet again in a few days. A Little guy, a Chihuahua we named Charlie, cried and cried for his family. Who and where are they? He is an older doggie, and has been someone’s lap dog.
We have Sophie back, after 2 years. Her story is a sad one, but she is healing emotionally and is finally beginning to romp and play like her ole self. She will need a home with special people who understand and give her the love and security she needs.
We have an older Italian Greyhound. His name is Kody, and he is a little shy, but coming around. He is a very handsome boy.
We have a large, very handsome boy that was found a few weeks ago. He is young and just needs some training! Chuck named him Rollie!
We still have Cal and Quincy, Benny, Mikey and LOTS of other dogs. If you want any more information, feel free to contact us and we will share with you their information. Yes, summer is a busy time, but it is beautiful here on the farm and the dogs are enjoying the great weather.IMG_1357 (1024x682)

IMG_1353 (1024x682)

IMG_1364 (1024x682)This is Charlie–He is looking for his owners???

IMG_1374 (1024x682)Sophie is happy again!

IMG_1403 (1024x682)Rollie, a handsome, large boy!

IMG_1391 (1024x682)Ginny is getting so big!

IMG_1370 (1024x682)Benny is still waiting!

IMG_1422 (1024x682)IMG_1425 (1024x682) Cal & Quincy!IMG_1413 (1024x682)Amos

2 thoughts on “Playing Catch-up!

  1. Rollie has caught my eye. Do you a guess as to his age? How is he with other dogs? Male and female both fixed. Also, cat? Older spayed female and declawed. More importantly is Rollie still available?

    • Rollie has been adopted. Yes, he is an awesome dog and went to a good home. We have so many right now, and keeping up with the photos is one of the challenges here. Hope to have more new pictures soon.

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