This story has a happy ending

It all began at our local library. I work there when not a home with the dog rescue. A little Yorkie type terrier named Mikey had followed his owner to the library, and decided to help himself to a few patron ankles as they attempted to enter the library. Things got ugly, the local law enforcement was called, and then it happened. Mikey bit the Chief of Police, and was sent to our rescue. Here is a picture of Mikey behind bars after his arrest.

Mikey's In Jail

Mikey’s In Jail

He was one sad little doggie!

He stayed in the main dog kennel for a couple weeks, and then we moved him to our house. He seemed to get along fine with the doggies in our back room, and he and Chuck became buddies quickly.
I wish I could say, that all went smooth from there, but no, that wasn’t the case. He didn’t like any of our grand kids, and we attempted to adopt him a couple times, but it just didn’t seem to work out for Mikey or for us. Mikey saw his friends all get adopted and waited and waited and waited.
Then. . . along came this special lady named Kathy. I shared all the good and the bad about our little guy, and she wanted to meet him.
I think it must have been love at first sight for Mikey. She wasn’t too BIG, she wasn’t too small–she was JUST RIGHT! After sitting and visiting and holding him, she adopted Mikey and off they went.
Well, I want to tell you, I was just a little concerned she would change her mind, but she called me the next day and assured me he was a WONDERFUL BOY! We had waited for someone to say that for so long—we just knew Mikey was waiting for just the right family. He has found it. Now, Mikey has a new brother (another rescue) named Oliver, and a cousin, RamZ.
So today, I received these wonderful pictures, and I just had to place them in his story.
Mikey and his new toy
Mikey, Oliver, RamZ
So, to make a long story just a little longer, Kathy saw past the baggage that rescue dogs sometimes have. She is willing to work with him and give him the love he needs, the time and patience required to help him be the best Mikey ever!
Thank-you so much Kathy!!!!
Oliver and Mikey

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