The End Is Not the End!

Just 2 more days of October and “Adopt a Dog from a Shelter” month will be history for another year. For the dogs that are left here at the rescue though, every month is adopt a dog month.
I especially think of the seniors that reside at our on the farm rescue. We have quite a few at the moment. All month I have waited to feature them with an article on our blog. Finally the photo gallery in my computer is up and running again, so I can include some pictures.
One of our seniors that grabbed our attention and our hearts is Max. He is a 12 year old Bassett that believes he is 6 years old. When he came to us, he was in very poor condition, but has begun to gain weight and once again has a healthy robust appetite. He loves a bath or a Spa day, as we call it here at the rescue. The part that makes us laugh is Max’s attitude. He jumps in the air and spins, he chases a ball and plays with the other doggies, and he enjoys riding in the truck or 4 WD Mule. In fact, if asked, he will jump in your car for a ride around the block. Max is one in a million for sure!
20151024_142341 (1024x576)
Cheeka, is her Native American name, and she is also a senior. We know that she is over 8 years, is a sturdy healthy gal, who has had many puppies. She loves people, and finds herself lonely now, since all her puppies have been adopted. Cheeka isn’t fond of most other doggies, so she would need a home where she is top dog. Here is a picture of her on the dog house roof.
IMG_1937 (1024x682)

Boomer is a hoot! He must be at least 8-10 years old and has recovered nicely after being found at the land fill almost dead from starvation. Boomer is all black, has wiry type wavy hair and is a terrier mix of some sort. He is sweet and loving and enjoys placing his head on my knee and looking at me with those big brown eyes. It almost like he is saying, thanks for taking a chance on me. He comes in nightly to sit on Chuck’s lap and snuggle. Here he is after a brush and a slight trim.
IMG_2178 (732x1024)

Mugsy is a 10 year old Akita male! He is so very handsome, with a beautiful coat and posture to boot. Mugsy is hard of hearing and his vision is poor from cataracts. He loves people though and enjoys walking and spending time with them. He doesn’t care for other dogs, so needs to be the only one in the household. Mugsy is house trained. He also is lonely for more companionship.
IMG_2190 (1024x987)

Bear is a Husky/Chow Mix and is over 15 years of age. He stays in the main kennel, but I can tell he is sad because he doesn’t have a family to care for him. He just needs a soft bed and a kind word, and would be content. He loves treats.
IMG_2214 (1024x1009)

You will have to come and see Piper yourself—a 14 year old Golden Retreiver. He keeps us too busy in the kennel giving him treats to even snap a picture. Piper is a loving dog that not only eats up the treats, but also attention! His back legs are weak from age. He is there to meet everyone!
Now, these are just the senior doggies we have here at the rescue. We have all ages, from puppies to old doggies like the above. All the dogs at the rescue have come here because they were neglected, abandoned or surrendered. They need a second chance, and sometimes they need a third. They need just the right family to bond with them to give them the love and security they are searching for. We hope you check 12 Hills Dog Rescue out in the future. Yes, we are a small rescue by some standards and are located in the country on our family farm. But—we have large hearts and a large number of dogs to choose from, and the dogs change almost weekly. So, don’t forget about the dogs waiting for families. No matter their age—they need loving forever homes, and will never forget you saved them.

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