Christmas Greetings for 2015

Where do we begin? First, I would like to thank each and everyone who volunteered or donated to 12 Hills Dog Rescue this past year! We are so blessed to have people who care and share with our doggies here.

2015 has been a year of change for 12 Hills.  Since we began in 2007 we were a family owned rescue, and operated from our farm.  Well, everything is still here on the farm, but this year we took the plunge.  We applied and received our non-profit status in January. It has been a little bit of a change for us, but we seem to be handling it pretty well.

We have had a busy but good year. So far we have adopted over 160 dogs, and the year isn’t done yet! Of course we still have doggies that have been here awhile, and my wish for this new year, is that each of them will find the loving forever home they need.

We have had a year of puppies–and more puppies. This year, we hope to have a year of “Spay and Neuter.” HA. Really, right now we have 10 females that need spayed and 3 males to neuter. That is the most we have ever had at one time.

Again we want to thank everyone who has given and for those who follow our Facebook page. Keep sharing, that is how we get the word out we are here.

Wishing each and everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy and blessed 2016!

Mikey and his new toy

One of our JOYS–Mikey found a loving home.

IMG_1793 (1024x682) Shine loves Chuck before she leaves with her new Mom. Such a great mother to all those babies she had.

IMG_1413 (1024x682) We had Amos for a while and he found a wonderful home this year!

IMG_1422 (1024x682) Cal found a home with a special gal.

IMG_1888 (1024x682) Paisley is such a sweet girl, and finally the “Just Right Family” came along.

These are just a few of those special dogs that are still in our hearts and prayers.  We loved them all–and still have some special ones here.

IMG_1937 (1024x682)

Cheeka is a great senior gal, and want a nice family with no other dogs.

IMG_2178 (732x1024) Speaking of Senior dogs, we have our share.  This is Boomer–he adores Nola and follows her everywhere!

IMG_2190 (1024x987) If you are an Akita lover, we have Mugsy–he is also a senior, and should be the only dog.

IMG_2214 (1024x1009) Bear is a senior and needs some special one on one.

IMG_2377 (1024x768) Baby is a 5 year old blood hound that loves life!

IMG_1987 (1024x682)‘This is Sophie Bug–she is looking for a home with kids and a loving family!

20151024_142341 (1024x576)

Max is thankful that we gave him a helping hand–he is happy and healthy and looking forward to a wonderful 2016!




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