An Old Phrase-says it all!

When my Dad was working on something and it was turning out well. He would always say, “We’re cooking with gas now!”  It is an old phrase, and I am sure that it dates me a little, but, I am going out on that senior limb, and say one more time–“We’re cooking with gas now.  I could have said, I love it when a plan comes together, but I cherish those old phrases and memories of my family.

We have been a rescue since 2007, have had many wonderful dogs, and have met wonderful people. I must admit, we have been struggling financially and physically for support. In January of 2015, we took the plunge to become a 501c3, and it is helping. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the plan is coming together, and yes, I think we are cooking with gas now.

Volunteers–are coming now, and not just for a day here or there, (though we love them also), but every week. Those volunteers are passionate about the dogs we rescue, ready to learn, willing to do whatever, and committed to volunteering weekly.

Of course, there is the training that each need when they are in the kennel.  Volunteers need to know what dogs they can allow out for exercise together, what dogs to stay away from and even the proper way to clean out those dirty kennels.  There is grooming and walking and socializing individual dogs, and the favorite of the youth is the cuddling and socializing of the  puppies.

It IS A BIG JOB, to volunteer at a rescue of our size.–We so appreciate each of our special volunteers, that come and work at the rescue.

But, I can’t stop there–12 Hills Dog Rescue has volunteers who are beating the bushes to help us in all sorts of ways. Just some of those who have helped are: The DJ who features a dog of the month for us on the radio station and the photos on their web page. One of the newest volunteers who made a video for the rescue. The neighbor who is on stand by to help us out whenever we need him. We even had a special couple that devoted their “bridal shower” to the rescue.  I could go on and on, list all those who have shared, but we want each of you to know, we so appreciate each and everyone of you and want to say. . . .

We LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS and thank you for all the support you give for the dogs we rescue.


Yes, I believe we are “Cooking with gas now.”





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