Being a Senior is Inevitable!

Yes, the old saying is true, “Time stops for no one”.  I look around and see seniors everywhere. I am not talking about the seniors graduating from high school, either. My mirror even has a senior staring back at me.  I remember the good times and wisdom my grandparents shared with me. Those memories are priceless.

I sometimes wonder if senior dogs could talk, what bits of  wisdom would they share with us? I know that they value the time and energy that you spend with them. Senior dogs are usually very low key, and don’t try to jump on you or run off. They just want to be with someone who cares enough to pat them on the head, cuddle with them on the sofa or recliner. Some love it when you take the time to take them for a ride in your car, or for a walk to explore. Others are content to lie at your feet or curled up in a dog bed beside your bed. They value YOU–and they are so appreciative that you care. IMG_2178 (732x1024)

The photo above, is a dog that our son found in late November 2 years ago. He had received a call to go to the land fill and put down a dog. When he arrived he found this starving old black dog in terrible condition.  Russ called and then brought him to the rescue.  He was very weak, and unable to stand alone. After a couple days of feeding him every few hours and treating for an infection,  he was able to stand alone and began to gain strength.

Someone gave up on him, because he was a senior.

I named him Boomer–and his pet name is Boom–Boom. His vision has improved, but we think he doesn’t see well when it is dark.   He sleeps beside our bed, every night, and loves sitting on our lap, or waiting for a some special love pats and a kind word. Boomer appreciates that we didn’t give up on him, because he was old, and sick.

I have heard all the reasons why some people have chosen NOT to adopt a senior pet, but they don’t know what they are missing. Yes, they aren’t going to live years and years, but the time spent with a senior can be priceless to you both.

12 Hills Dog rescue has a number of senior dogs at this time.  Some have been waiting for some time to find a family that will love and care for them for the years that they have left on this earth.  Just like human “seniors”, they still have a lot to share.

Here are the seniors that are waiting:

DSCN8594 (640x480)

Peaches 7 or 8+ years. Loves to take rides.

IMG_2214 (1024x1009)

Bear is 14+ and is a chow mix. He wants a partner to ride with.

IMG_2190 (1024x987)

Mugsy is 10+ and partially deaf, but loves attention.

IMG_3391 (1024x682)

Coco the Pekinese is at least 8+ and is quite the love bug

IMG_3358 (1024x682)

Coco, a Chinese Crested is 8+

IMG_3342 (1024x682)

This is Lulu–She is 8+

IMG_3326 (1024x768)

This is Cheeka–a Corgi/Basset mix–8+ years


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