Leaving His Paw Print

I don’t usually share with the public, when we lose one of our doggies, here at the rescue.   We all know, that at some point, we have to say good-bye to our “special old friends” that have shared their love with us.  Being a “no kill”, means we end up with some dogs that live their lives out here at the rescue. Some are seniors when they came here, and everyone knows that senior dogs are one of the last dogs to be adopted.

I would like to tell you, about one of the senior dogs that lived at the rescue.

His name was Piper, and from the start, he was a character. His owner had passed, and he was given to animal control. The officer was kind enough to bring him to the rescue and that is just the beginning of our story.

Piper lived in the office of our main kennel. He made sure that he greeted everyone who came, and yes, sometimes he made himself too available, trying to hog the spotlight from the doggie that was being shown that day, or following us around in the kennel, when we wanted to clean.  It didn’t matter to him, he just wanted love and attention, and yes, he loved those special treats.

Everyone loved Piper, and several families were interested in adoption, but of course in the end they didn’t, because he was a senior. Even though, Piper didn’t find his forever home through adoption, he found his home here, at 12 Hills.  He was loved by each of us, our volunteers, and everyone that came to the office to meet one of the dogs. Piper was always there to greet them.

As he progressed in age, we supported him with a special diet and medication to keep him comfortable.  More important, we spent time with him, petting, talking to him and yes, even praying for him. Then, it was time to say good-bye.

It wasn’t easy, and I can tell you that a number of our dogs were there with him those last few days. Patty and Frank never left his side, and 6 dogs followed the procession, when Chuck took Piper up the hill for burial.

Why am I sharing this story today? I just want others to know, that dogs can teach us so much. They can teach us about acceptance and unconditional love. Senior dogs are no exception, and give so much to those around them when given the opportunity. There will never be another Piper, because he was “one in a million.”

Piper left a paw print on our hearts forever.  We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to have him here. He taught us so much–and most of all he loved!



IMG_3499 (1024x682)




4 thoughts on “Leaving His Paw Print

  1. Rest in peace, dear Piper. I am so happy you discovered what love is through Chuck and Nola.
    Nancy and Kenzie Be

  2. Chuck and Nola, you are such special people. Piper was blessed to have found you…and the unconditional love that you both gave to him.

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