I just finished updating the dogs on petfinder.com and adopt-a-pet.com and the time has flown by. I realized that I have been at it for almost 3 solid hours.  Keeping all the  information current on each dog and adding new ones is one of my responsibilities.  That means, keeping track of their medical information and adding new photos.

Speaking, of a BIG JOB, photos are at the top of the list. There is number of things to consider when taking photos of dogs at the rescue.

  1. The weather is usually top on the list.  Remember, we are a farm rescue, so there is snow, mud, and yes, the occasionally cow pie that the dogs enjoy rolling in.
  2. Next, taking photos requires 2 or 3 extra hands.
  3. Then, there is the exercise required before the photo, so they will sit and look at the camera.
  4. Last, is the photo-shy dogs.  They are frightened when you point the camera at them. That is why you may see dogs with Brenda’s hands and feet in the photo. They just need a little reassurance when that camera is pointed at them.


But. . .we did it! Some new pictures for you to look at, just in time to celebrate the 4th of July! So, wishing our friends and dog lovers a happy 4th of July from 12 Hills Dog Rescue!

Yes, I still have more dogs to update, more photos to take.  Albert and Jeremy are at the top of that list. Maybe, I can snap a few today!

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