I was looking through the blog, at some of the earlier stories I had written, in hopes of getting some inspiration on a new post.  I was taken back at the photos of the dogs that found new homes less than a year ago. Most of them had been neglected, and some had suffered the type of neglect that is abuse.  To see how good they looked in their photos amazes me.

I still see them in my mind what they looked like when they arrived–in all different stages of neglect and abuse. When I look at their content and healthy pictures–my heart almost leaps from my chest.  It never fails to amaze me what good care and LOVE can do for a animal.

12 Hills Dog Rescue is full once again–to the top! It is a cycle that keeps repeating over and over. We are thankful to our volunteers that come weekly to help with the dog chores. Those special people give of their time and energy to clean the kennels, walk the dogs, and to brush and bathe them. They spend time with them and give them LOVE!

Yes, love is amazing! My prayer is that more people who have a dog, cat, or any animal in their care—gives that animal love—then the care they need will follow.

IMG_3459 (1024x682)IMG_3582 (1024x682)IMG_3560 (1024x682)IMG_3668 (1024x682)

IMG_3589 (1024x682)


IMG_3521 (1024x682)

Sugar Bear




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