This Was a Hard One

Over the years 12 Hills Dog Rescue have taken in so many wonderful  doggies, and found them loving forever families.  This year we had “A Hard One.” It all began when we received a phone call asking us to take this little dog to the Vet.  He had been injured several days prior and his family didn’t have the funds to get him Vet care.

I won’t share all the details, but he was very ill and after shaving his matted fur, we knew that this little guy was in deep trouble.  His name is Donnie, and Dr. Phil, named him Lucky Donnie, because he believed this little guy had such a strong will to live. It took months of special care, surgeries and healing, but Donnie did heal. He no longer has an ear or and eye on the right side of his face but Donnie is doing very well.

Dr. Phil was right, Donnie is lucky, or as I believe “he has been blessed.” Blessed that his owner saw the need to bring him here. Blessed to find a Vet that didn’t give up on him, and yes, blessed that our rescue spent our time, and our resources to make sure he received the best care and love during that healing process.

So, it was a hard one–but what was really hard, was letting him go. Letting him find a new family that would love and care for him and give him all the special attention that he needs. We believe we found just the right family, and Donnie went on his way on Monday.  I didn’t cry, but the tears were right there.  I think it would have been harder, but Donnie and I had some great snuggle times together, and he was ready. I knew it for sure, when his new mom, immediately sat on the floor and he jumped into her lap. That did it!

So, Donnie left the rescue and moved across the state–but he will be able to go for rides every day, and visit the nursing home with his new family. We are all a little sad to see him go, and even Dr. Phil commented that he wished he was closer. We have already received an update and photo, and that will have to do.  After all, it’s not about us anyway–it’s always been about that special little dog that we call “Lucky Donnie!”





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