Time for an Update!

As many of you know that have visited, the rescue is located on our farm which is 2 1/2 miles from Highway 77. Right now there is lots of drifts of snow on the farm and our road is one lane in a few places. So, probably not a great time to visit and meet some of the doggies here for adoption.

But, I can share some of them with you by the internet, so here goes. . .

Where to begin?  We have great dogs, and it seems some wait for a long time before they find “just the right family.”  It is sad and frustrating for us, but patience usually pays off in the end. We want our families who adopt to find the doggie that fits their life style and their family.  We more than any thing want our dogs to be happy and healthy and in their new homes.

Betty comes to mind right away.  She is an Australian Shepherd mix, and is one of the sweetest and loving dogs around. She is an inside/outside dog, and does well where ever she is.  She hangs out on the farm when out of her yard, and never bothers anything.  She does well with other dogs, and is friendly to everyone.  Betty is a medium sized dog, probably weighing around 40#. She has been spayed and up to date on her vaccinations.20170108_132120-1

Annie the Boxer mix appears to be around 18 mo-2 years.  She is a pretty gal, and has been spayed and has all her vaccinations.  She would do best with teens and adults, and would be a great walking or running partner.  She likes to play and run and as you can see, she loves the snow.  She posed for Kariden for this photo.


Taffy came to the rescue this fall with her 4 puppies.  She was in very sad shape, and down to 34#. She now weighs over 65#. With special care and love she gained weight, and healed and was able to care of her 4 puppies, until they found their homes.  Taffy loves puppies, and it is fun to watch her when new puppies come in. She lays on her back and plays with them.  It is like she is remembering her babies and so thankful to be here. Our volunteer, Christine says that Taffy is the best walking buddy she has.  When she is done walking they wrestle and play.  Just a great dog, with lots of energy and love to give the right family.  We are thinking she is about 2 years of age, has been spayed and has had her vaccinations.

You have to meet this gal to appreciate her!20170125_105849-1Taffy is ready to play in this photo.

It seems like I am choosing all the gals today, to share with you–but I thought of another one, who seems to be forgotten.  Jordan is around 5 years of age and is a Shar Pei/Lab mix we believe.  She is sweet and loving and waits for her special volunteers, Ben and Christine to play with her and take her for the walks that she loves.  When Jordan came to the rescue, she had an injured leg, was very thin and so frightened.  We have worked with her socially and she is happy and healthy and just wants a loving family. Jordan goes out everyday and plays with Jeremy, Whisper and Truman.  She has been spayed and has all her vaccinations.

IMG_4224 (1024x682)

I can’t forget to mention Ginger! She has been waiting and waiting.  Ginger was found in a drainage ditch. She had been dumped and living there for some time.  A kind man finally captured her and brought her to the rescue. At first, Ginger was fearful of people, but with lots of love and attention she is Miss Social.  Ginger is allowed to run on the farm without a leash. She runs and runs and never bothers anything.  When she is finished with her exercise, she comes back and goes right into her kennel. A great gal, that doesn’t demand a lot of attention.  We are thinking she is 4 years of age, has been spayed and has all her vaccinations. A beautiful doggie–thinking a lab/corgi mix.

20170125_100202Ginger loving the snow!

Princess is ready to go.  She was thin and frightened when she came.  What a gorgeous gal she is now!!  Princess has been spayed and had her vaccinations, and put on some weight. She loves to go out and run around on the farm.  Princess is a Great Dane/Lab Mix.  She is a big girl and loves her food!  She is more social and loving to us, but needs to gain your trust. We are guessing her age at 2-3 years of age. I had a more recent photo of her in the snow, but you couldn’t see her eyes.


Abby is the youngest of the girls, except for puppies of course. She is a beagle/hound mix. Abby is an outside/inside dog. She loves the farm, and we were told she liked to sleep with cats.  But, she isn’t friendly to chickens. Well, I could rephrase that–she is too friendly. She likes to play with them, and you know what the outcome of that is!  Abby is 9 months of age, and has been spayed and up to date on her vaccinations. She is a sweet gal, with lots of energy. At her other home, she came into the house at night and slept in a kennel.  She is loving, playful and a beauty.

20170125_104315Abby looking at Karden taking her photo.

Of course I can’t leave out Whisper–she is coming along, and has a trust issue that we are working on. She just needs patience and love and continued work on her socialization. She was a great mom to her puppies, and is a such a pretty gal. She has been spayed and up to date on her vaccinations.  Whisper is close to 3 years of age.

20170125_100705Whisper romping in the snow!

Chuck always reminds me to tell those looking at our dogs to remember that these are rescue dogs, and many of them have come from some very sad and abusive situations. Some have been starved, some have been physically abused, dumped and unloved. Others are here because their families can no longer care for them. Whatever the reason, we do our very best to re socialize, with patience and love. So, if a dog has been here for awhile, it is because, they may need just a little more socialization, or it may mean the right family hasn’t found them yet.  I am hoping these gals find the “Right Family!”

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