I’ve Been Thinking Again!!

I know, it gets pretty scary here at the rescue, when Nola is in her thinking mood.  Actually, with this ice storm, I have a little extra time on my hands to think. . . to contemplate. ..

I wonder what dogs are thinking sometimes. Like today, for instance. I am outside, walking on the ice–from the nursery back to the main kennel. My good ole friend “Duke” is right beside me. I can tell he is concerned and worried that I may fall.  Now, how do I know what Duke is thinking, you might ask? Well, we have this special relationship, him and I.  You see, he was one of the first puppies that we adopted in 2008.  He came back a year later, because he was jumping over the yard fence, and in a big city you can’t do that.  AND, he had a little of an attitude.  Needless to say, it seemed that bringing him back aged Duke 10 years, and he was devastated. So, I decided he would always be “My special boy.” He still scales 6 foot fences, is not particularly lovable, but he is ALL MINE.  So, to make a long story short, we have this connection.  Now, granted if I would have fallen on the ice, he may have just stood over me, but I know Duke would be there.  Here is a photo I took of him after we came in. By the way, I promised Duke he could stay here forever, so he isn’t on our adoption list.20170116_114829-1024x576Now to get scientific! Yesterday I was working in the kennel, and something strange happened.  If you have ever been in our kennel, our black lab Max flips over and over, when strangers walk through.  It is a sometimes a little scary for people, because he appears to be crazy. But when out of the kennel, he is just a sweet boy.  Anyway, I had let Max out and he was running back and forth at full speed inside the kennel. Another dog, Ginger took one look at him and started flipping over in her kennel. Now this is strange, because she has never done that before.  No other dogs were loose in the kennel—I saw her connect with him then begin to flip.  What was she saying?  Was she showing him how silly he looks, or that she is talented also. I don’t know.  But I just wonder. . . .20160702_113409-2 (1024x813) This is photo of Max taken last year hugging Brenda.  He is over 2 years and has been waiting for a family with patience and love to give him his forever home.

img_2830-1024x768-2This is Ginger–also taken in 2016. She is spayed now, and a great gal. Loves to run around on the farm, and doesn’t bother anyone.. I wonder why she hasn’t found her family?

So, I think I have wondered enough for one day. Guess, I will go put the soup on and relax for the afternoon.

One thought on “I’ve Been Thinking Again!!

  1. Hi Nola! Have you ever worked with church youth groups as far as utilizing youth to take the dogs to events with the “adopt me” thing on? Just thinkin’ : ) Enjoy your snow day!

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