Spring is Here? Well, Almost

I find myself dreaming of flowers and green grass.  Yesterday, I even had a wild thought of planting flower seeds indoors, but decided it was a bit too early.  I think they call this the winter blahs or blues.  I imagine there are many others feeling the same way I feel right now.

So, we continue to wait for Spring and hope that it comes soon.  I think about all the dogs at the rescue and how they are feeling right now.  With all this cold and snow their exercise routine is shorter and they wait. They wait for warmer weather and more than that, they wait for a someone to come along that will make them part of their family and love them forever. So the wait continues for them and for us.

It has been a very rough winter for animals, and we have taken in many that are neglected or abandoned.  One of our newest arrivals is in tough shape, both physically and emotionally.  We are hoping the next few weeks he will lift his head and be able to look at us.  We are so grateful for the kind person that called and helped us catch him.

20190227_182754 (768x1024) He was in rough shape but looking better.

We have other new ones here as well, and I hope to get photos of them soon.  It is always a process of treating and sometimes healing dogs both physically and emotionally before they are ready for adoption.  We could use your help right now. Our kennels are full and we are looking for some foster homes.  If you are interested please call the rescue and visit with Nola about fostering short term.

We still have Allen-  –20190115_163615 (768x1024) (768x1024)

We still have Riley       20190122_140544 (768x1024)

Henry (Bubby)  is a winner!  7 month old Cane Corso, who arrived in very rough shape.  He is growing again and doing well.  We don’t think he will ever be the extra large dog of that breed, but he is going to be the best Henry ever!

Here is a photo of him loving his foster–Brenda.                                                                                                20190111_070226

What about Tucker?          20190122_134600 (768x1024)

Elsa?   Elsa (2)

or Midge the smallest of the group. 20190302_112218 (1024x973).jpg

I could go on and on with photos of dogs still waiting for their families. I hope to have more photos soon and I hope that we will have families coming to give our doggies the life they are dreaming and waiting for.  Thank you all for caring!