You Need to See This One!



Talk about a cutie—and one of a kind. That describes Marabelle perfectly. She arrived at 12 Hills Dog Rescue this week from a local animal control. Marabelle appears to be a Bassett/Bulldog. She is very short in stature with beautiful liver coloring and markings, and then there is that American Bulldog face. I don’t think there is another one like her, and her personality matches her beauty. Marabelle is easy going and her smile seems to always be in place. She is looking for just the right family—we are going to be super picky finding just the right family for this “one in a million girl.”
She is a young dog, we are guessing 12 months or younger. We hope to find out more about her in the days ahead.
IMG_0277 (1024x768)


As I sit at the computer this morning, my thoughts go to the new year. Chuck and I always review what we accomplished during the past year and set goals for the new one. I find myself dreaming of the ideal situation that I would like at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. That would be: More funds, more workers (volunteers and paid), more exposure to the outside world with better publicity and photographs. Less time for Chuck, and Nola spent in the day to day upkeep and cleaning of the kennels and just a little more time to relax and enjoy life on the farm, our family, and just maybe another short vacation. Then of course, I think of Brenda, (what would we do without her), she needs more help in the kennels and more time to spend training dogs that have been abused and neglected.

So, we plan on filing for a 501c3 status as soon as possible, and plan to make this our number one priority for 2015. Then we will be off and running, and hopefully our new status will allow us to complete the goals we have for this new year.

Wouldn’t it be nice, if that happened? Wouldn’t it be nice if some of our doggies that have been here for so long finally find good families? What if Peaches and Maggie Mae found their families this year?Then there is Sugar, Iris, Amos and more that need to find their forever families. Now that is a dream, I am holding on to for 2015 and forever!

Peaches 7 + years--she is depressed.

Peaches 7 + years–she is depressed.

Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae



Iris is a great dog!

Iris is a great dog!

Amos is Ready to Go

Amos is Ready to Go

Emerson needs a Family

Emerson needs a Family



Max loves the water!

Max loves the water!

Pearl !

Pearl !


Full, is what we are–here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. Seems the dogs are coming out of the shadows, right before the weather turns cold. I imagine it will only get worse.
So I wanted to update you on the dogs waiting for their forever families. We have the small ones, Isaac, Jackie, and Zoe. We have the small to medium–Buttercup or Sister, as she is called. We have a new little terrier that arrived yesterday, and we will have pictures of her soon.DSCN8285 (640x480)

DSCN8237 (640x480)

DSCN8356 (640x480)

DSCN8370 (640x480)

DSCN8321 (640x480)

DSCN7253 (640x480)
These are just a few of the small ones that are available. Call us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue for an appointment to meet the little ones, the medium ones, and the large and xtra-large doggies we have at the rescue.


I’m a little slow on posting–my daughter-in-law informed me it is National Dog Day, and thought I should write something special–or maybe post some pictures. RIGHT!!! At 12 Hills Dog Rescue—it seems everyday is a special dog day—this evening we received an adorable 8 week old poodle/schnauzer. She is so sweet—and a little nervous to be in a new place. Tomorrow we will start her health regimen, but for tonight, she is getting used to us and some of our small ones.
So, back to National Dog Day! Should I mention the dogs that we loved and lost? Or, maybe the ones we have helped that were extra-special, or maybe some dogs we have here at the rescue now, still waiting for their families.
Last week we lost our special girl Daisy Mae. She was 10 years old and Chuck’s special shadow. Knowing her time was getting short, she needed to be with him whenever she could. She even sat in the pickup on Sunday mornings while he was in church, and enjoyed riding with him on his Mule. So, this year—it seems fitting to honor Daisy Mae. We will miss you, girl!SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
Mentioning those dogs that we have had for some time come to mind. Dogs like Page, Harley, Chico, Omaha, Jimmy, Emerson–still waiting, for their forever families. We don’t lose hope that they will be adopted. Lu Lu Legs found her family this week, and we are happy for her. Now we have so many others still waiting. . . .
So thanks to all the dogs that have shared their doggie kisses, comfort and love with us over the years. We celebrate knowing each one of you!

Is It Spring Yet?

It’s funny–it always seems in February,I start thinking of Spring. Today, the sun was shining and it felt like Spring outside for maybe 3 hours. I wonder if the dogs dream of spring time, and the new grass and the new smells in the air. I can visualize them laying on their back with their legs in the air, dreaming about romping in the pasture, on a sunny day, as they head to the hill with Chuck for their daily run. They have such a good time on their daily run. Retrieving the ball, wrestling with each other and attempting to be that special one to sit on his lap to soak up as much attention as they can muster in an hours time.

This year, I am dreaming of warmer weather, so we will be able to build a big yard for the main kennel, and a fenced in yard for our house dogs. We won’t have to watch each one so closely and they can still run and play without the worry of wandering off or being run over. Then there is the hospital room that needs to be remodeled yet, and the special building for Mama’s and their new puppies. Where do we start?

Besides dreaming about Spring—I find myself thinking about the dogs that need families yet. What kind of families do they need? Where should they be living? In the country or town? Will a particular dog be fine in a home with another dog, or should they be the only dog? Sometimes our dogs come back and we try again. We want the dog and family to fit—we want them both to be happy—a family pet is a big commitment and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Enough of the dreaming, or deep thinking—and onward to right now. Even though we expect more when Spring does arrive, we have puppies right now that are looking for a home. They are shepherd/beagle and ready for new families.

He needs a name!

He needs a name!

<]She needs a name! She needs a name!

Farm Dogs

Let Me Tell You About,. Living in farm country there is almost always a demand for a good farm dog. Here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue we have a number of nice dogs that would be great farm dogs.

There is Shep—He is a very handsome yellow shepherd type dog with white feet. Good to look at, a thick coat and a very good sweet personality.  He is around 18 months and is a large dog. He likes people, hasn’t chased our cattle and gets along with other dogs.

We have Emerson, who looks to me like a heeler mix. He is very handsome with great markings and begs to get out of his kennel. He has been good around the farm when out. He is just waiting for a opportunity.

Jerry is another Heeler mix that has great markings and when out and about doesn’t bother anyone. He is 2 years old.

Angel and Sam are both Shepherd mixes. Larger dogs than the others. They are good girls with Angel being a little shyer than Sam. They are 2 years old also, and would make great farm dogs.

So, that is  just some of the dogs here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue that would make good farm dogs. I am sure we have others would fit the bill.  They are just waiting for the right families to come along.Image

Let Me Tell You About Ajax!



Do you think Ajax is a male or female name? Well, Chuck gave me a ton of grief over her name. You see, no one looked close, and she looked like a male boy, and I was searching for an interesting name. Anyway, Ajax is a female dog–and her breed is a mystery to us. I looked in the dog book and she sort of looked like a Brussels Griffon, and since needs a breed for the posting. . . you understand.
So Ajax, is a very pretty, sweet lady and deserves a much better name. She came to us from a local animal control and is looking for a family to love her.
She is a large dog and should weigh around 40#. She gets along well with the others in the big kennel, and likes to be petted and loved. Ajax may be a non-shedding breed, but haven’t been with her enough to say for sure. Her coloring is black and brown with brown markings on the legs. She is a beautiful gal—inside and out.

Judy Says Hi Everyone


What a cutie! Judy came full of ticks and so sick.  All better–and is full of energy. We are unsure of her lineage, but she is  going to be a small to medium dog.  Judy is still a puppy–around 4 months old.

In Memory of ” Our Little Man”

In Memory of
Squirt was his name–and he was “One In A Million”. We lost our boy about a month ago, and I guess I need to stop looking in the ditches and fields, as I make my way to the highway. It is time to say good-bye to him and to thank him for the 14 special years we had together.
Squirtie (as we called him) came into our lives when he was just a puppy. He quickly became “our son”, as the rest of the family called him. I think they were just a little jealous–that he was so special to us. When Chuck had surgery, he never left his side–staying almost glued to his body–during those rough days. He would just jump up and curl up next to you–giving you that healing touch that he could do so well. He always seem to know when we were sick, grieving or just tired. I remember him even offering his special healing to Grandma–when she was so ill. Of course she didn’t let him jump up, but I think she appreciated it anyway.

He wasn’t much of a camper, and sometimes created a scene, because he didn’t like being on a leash or tie out in a camping area. He was too important for that–or at least he thought he was. He did love to go for rides and would sit on the console looking for deer or other animals that would catch his eye.

Squirt had his own birthday parties–even sharing one or two with our daughter-in-law. Of course he always got his own cupcake and special treat. He just knew it was his special day and he would hold his head high and soak it up.

Squirt always met everyone at the door with his bottom half wagging. His tail had been docked so short, he just moved his entire hips. Over the years, he went from his slim self to being a “little overweight”, but that didn’t stop his enthusiasm for life.

There are so many memories that I could share—even him sitting on a chair at the table—waiting for his bites—he was “One in a Million.”—and I thank our Creator–for allowing us to be his family for all those years.

Good-bye–my little man—we will miss you—just know you were loved!

What did I do, they seem to be saying?

Poor little things–brought to us on Sunday evening. Family couldn’t keep, because of allergies. What sad and confused little dogs they are. Their eyes almost are saying–“What did I do wrong?”12-3-2012 03812-3-2012 035

Shorty and Izzy are both Chi-Chi mix. Izzy is mixed with a Min-pin, and Shorty with a Dachshund. If you know of anyone looking for a lap dog–they would be perfect.  Call if you are looking for a lap dog–they will be perfect.

This Time of Year We Consider our Blessings

Here on the farm–where 12 Hills Dog Rescue is located–we are so thankful for the year 2012. Not only the blessings we have received as a family, but as owners and operators of 12 Hills.

I was looking at my Facebook page and so many are saying what they are thankful for each day of the month. I look out my window and see all the blessings given to us from our Creator.  I also see all the doggies that need homes yet.  Sometimes being a dog rescue is very overwhelming. It seems to take first place over other organizations and causes.  The reason is because, these dogs count on us to feed, care  and love them, every day. There are no days off–they have to eat–their kennels cleaned, etc. It is OK though, we love what we are doing–and we will continue as long as we can. Now to get back to the thankfulness of this message.

ImageWe are so thankful, that God put this mission on our hearts, and that we have met so many wonderful people this past year.  We can’t begin to name all of them.  The great people that adopted our dogs comes to mind. So many nice families have come through here this year. To date we have adopted out almost 150 dogs to good families so far and the year isn’t over yet.  What a wonderful blessing that is!!

So, even if we didn’t name you personally, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the blessings we have been given from each of you.  Thank–you for Caring and Sharing in 2012!


12 Hills may have the boys you are looking for.  We recently picked up Bear and Dallas and they definitely need a loving family that enjoys older dogs.  We know they are friendly, but not sure about how kid friendly.  Sometimes older doggies, like to have their space from the little ones, and others love the special attention.  Both Bear and Dallas, came to us because they were abandoned.  Their family is in another state in poor health, and a kind neighbor has been caring for them.

Bear and Dallas miss their Mom and Dad and it is our hope that they will find a new family soon.  We will be taking better pictures soon, but will include the ones we have from their first day.  They let us carry them and were happy to be here with people who care.  By the way–Bear is the bigger one and he is 10 years, Dallas (not his real name) is 7 years old. Both great boys!

Rocket—-The Italian Greyhound

Just was on a website that had tons of information about Italian Greyhounds. I wanted to make sure that when Rocket finds his forever home, it will be exactly the right one for him.  Rocket came to us from a local Animal Control.  He was picked up and his family didn’t pay the fine that would have gotten him home.  That is a familiar story here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  We named this little guy, Rocket because he was so fast.  A beautiful boy, black and white and 12″ at the front shoulder. Rocket was neutered recently and has had all his vaccinations.  He still is a little thin, but know the breed is supposed to be on the slim and trim side.

Rocket is close to 2 years and is very lovable and likes to sit on your lap and give hugs and kisses.  He needs a home where he can get his daily exercise, but still be where it is warm when cold weather comes.  He needs a home with a family that understands this breed and all that is unique about them.  We want him to go to his new family before it gets much colder. If you like Italian Greyhounds–call us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.

When Is Skinny Good?

Well, I guess Italian Greyhounds are supposed to be thin. But how thin?  We have a new young male–so handsome and full of energy, but I think he is a little thin. I can see his ribs and backbone–is that normal for that breed, or do we need to fatten him up a little.  Regardless, he is eating and wants out of his kennel. Tomorrow is the last day for his family to claim him, and then he goes on our adoption list.  Hope he finds a good home with a family that understand and love his breed.  I know the breed are fast for sure, and we named him Rocket.  He wants to blast out of his kennel, so you have to be fast when feeding him.  Watch for Rocket in the next week–we will have pictures and more about him soon.

A Fun Afternoon With Friends & and Family!

Today we had a visit from Stevie, Ashleigh, Dawn and Grandma Lynn. Stevie from Stevie’s Furry Friends, and his family have been at our rescue several times. What a blessing they have been for us.  We have received collars, dog beds, shampoo, biscuits, dog food, etc.  Today they came to make a fun video with the dogs and our granddaughter Kariden was here to meet them.  She made friends with Ashleigh and received a bear hug from Stevie when he left.  They seemed to have fun as they helped point out the dogs that were available for adoption.They left us more collars, biscuits and other goodies. The dogs loved the toys they received–especially the big ball and rope toy.
We have such great friends and volunteers.  What would we do without you all???  Thanks Stevie for bringing your family for the afternoon.  Tell Grandma that Roxie is missing her.

I Love It–When a Plan Comes Together

Jack went home with his new family last night.  They had come to find a dog about 2 weeks ago and in the process they discovered Jack.  He is a Akita, Chow and German Shepherd mix.  He loves little ones and when they saw him kiss their 5 month old, they knew he was the one.  So, they went back home and started moving into their new place and when they were done–back they came for Jack.

He seemed to be happy when he left with them–except he was afraid of getting into the car.  He prefers the back seat and it was full of baby.  Anyway, we are thrilled to see Jack find such an awesome family and wishing them all the best in their new place and with their new dog.

What Breed is Bella?

What breed is Bella? I guess it doesn’t matter to many people.  Picking out a family member at 12 Hills, isn’t usually breed specific.  A rescue like ours takes in mostly mixed breeds that have beenImageabandoned or surrendered.  Part of the time, the doggies are on death row when they come to us, or they are in need of some tender loving care. Bella looked a little rough when we got her. She had just weaned her puppies and was ready for some needed rest and good care.  Bella is looking great now, and is ready for her new family.  Even if we are unsure of her breed—she is a beauty.

Big Ears Everywhere!!

We have quite a few doggies at 12 Hills that have BIG EARS!  Puppies and teens and grown-ups all here at the rescue. Some are German Shepherds, others we are unsure of their breed. It doesn’t matter—all are nice dogs and maybe just maybe one of those BIG EARED dogs will be the dog for your family. Here is a picture of Burt–the GermanImage,

If you like dogs with big ears—give us a call.

What a Nice Guy!

Blackie is one of those dogs that you can rave about.  He came to 12 Hills Dog Rescue several months ago. He had been picked up by animal control, and no one came to claim him.  Why?? He is a loving, loyal and gets along great with all the other dogs here.  He would make a great family dog, and very loyal.  Why does he get overlooked? Maybe I am not doing my job telling everyone and showing his beauty.  So here he is Blackie, the Husky/Chow.Image

A Great Visit from Stevie

What a great time it was having Stevie Nelsen, his sister Ashleigh and their Mom, came for a visit at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. Stevie and Ashleigh had a good time with the doggies, especially Buttons.  Buttons thought it was super to be held and carried around and she gave them lots of kisses.

We took more pictures and one in particular with Stevie and the pallet of LIfe’s Abundance dog food that was donated to 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  We want to thank Stevie and his family and Laura Bunch owner of LIfe’s Abandance for the wonderful donation

Two Steps Forward——-One Back???

Sometimes we feel that way at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  Right now, we have too many big dogs, and need a way to move them to another area–where they may have a better chance at adoption.

But on the bright side–Bandit found his new forever home this week as well as Brownie.  Bandit’s family love him already–and hopefully Brownie will fit in to her family nicely also.

Then we received a new little gal.  She looks like she is around 5 months old. What a beauty with all 4 white socks.  Her name is Sonya and she is a orange color with a white blaze on her chest.  Better yet, she was in a home with children, so that is an extra plus. Will take pictures today and post one soon. Just wanted to keep you updated on our progress and get the word out about the beautiful big dogs we still have waiting for homes.

Taking a Break from Chasing the Balls

Are they taking a break, or just watching all the fun.  Some dogs just aren’t sure what to do with the ball.  Oh well, it is just fine to sit on the sidelines and cheer the others on. It was fun watching the dogs chase the tennis balls, as they rolled on the hill. Not many of our dogs retrieved, but Lola, the female black Lab, did awesome.  She would have fun playing with a family with frisbee or tennis ball.

The day was sunny and so beautiful! The dogs and volunteers had a great time. You can see Benjie, Ginger and Kasey watching the fun.

Speaking of Lucky—is he really lucky???

Lucky is still at 12 Hills and we are wondering why. He is so pretty, has a great personality and loves people.  Lucky had a rough start as a baby, but pulled through a bout with dehydration and parvo.  He has been neutered–had all his vaccinations and ready for a family. He weighs around 75#. He is brindle in color and has a coat that feels like silk.  He doesn’t seem to shed like some of the others,  Image

If you are looking for a great dog and like Lab mixes  Lucky may be just the right do for you family.

Getting the Bugs Out????

What about bugs??? Shouldn’t be any in this cold weather. No, I am talking about our new 40′ x 60′ dog kennel. We have most of the kennels in, and yet still more work to do with plumbing, ventilation etc.  It is wonderful though, and the dogs are enjoying the heated floor. Actually had to turn the heat down, so they wouldn’t be too warm. We are learning about the changes that need to be made as we go, and it is going to be a great place for the dogs at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.

Of course most of the dogs that we moved are wondering “what is going on?”  It will take a few days for them to recognize their kennel spot in the new building.  What a blessing it has been to have good friends, good workers and good family.  They come through when you need them.  I will include a picture soon of the inside as well as the finished outside.

Hey, we actually have room for our tractor and cars in the machine shed now.  Things have a way of working out—and I am sure we will get all the little bugs out of the new kennel soon.

Charlie Is Waiting?

Charlie is a Handsome Man!

Charlie seemed like a fitting name for this little guy. At first I thought he was a purebred dashound, but he may be mixed. At 12 Hills, we don’t mind if they are a purebred or not. In fact, most of the doggies that come in are mixes, and they make wonderful pets.  Charlie appears to be around a year old, and will need to be neutered soon. He likes to sit on your lap and gives great kisses.  He would be a great companion for a couple or a family with children 9 years and up.  Give us a call about Charlie.