In Memory of
Squirt was his name–and he was “One In A Million”. We lost our boy about a month ago, and I guess I need to stop looking in the ditches and fields, as I make my way to the highway. It is time to say good-bye to him and to thank him for the 14 special years we had together.
Squirtie (as we called him) came into our lives when he was just a puppy. He quickly became “our son”, as the rest of the family called him. I think they were just a little jealous–that he was so special to us. When Chuck had surgery, he never left his side–staying almost glued to his body–during those rough days. He would just jump up and curl up next to you–giving you that healing touch that he could do so well. He always seem to know when we were sick, grieving or just tired. I remember him even offering his special healing to Grandma–when she was so ill. Of course she didn’t let him jump up, but I think she appreciated it anyway.

He wasn’t much of a camper, and sometimes created a scene, because he didn’t like being on a leash or tie out in a camping area. He was too important for that–or at least he thought he was. He did love to go for rides and would sit on the console looking for deer or other animals that would catch his eye.

Squirt had his own birthday parties–even sharing one or two with our daughter-in-law. Of course he always got his own cupcake and special treat. He just knew it was his special day and he would hold his head high and soak it up.

Squirt always met everyone at the door with his bottom half wagging. His tail had been docked so short, he just moved his entire hips. Over the years, he went from his slim self to being a “little overweight”, but that didn’t stop his enthusiasm for life.

There are so many memories that I could share—even him sitting on a chair at the table—waiting for his bites—he was “One in a Million.”—and I thank our Creator–for allowing us to be his family for all those years.

Good-bye–my little man—we will miss you—just know you were loved!

In Memory of ” Our Little Man”

2 thoughts on “In Memory of ” Our Little Man”

  1. my heart goes out to you, i know what it is too lose your special one… they really get nto our hearts call if to talk

    • We never found him yet, but will start searching again in hopes of finding his little body, so we can bury him the right way. It has been a super sad time for all of us. Thanks, Nola

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