This One Was A Hard One

Rescuing dogs is hard, but letting them go, is sometimes harder for us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. Case in point: Jason the beautiful black Lab. Jason came to us over 3 years ago, as an underweight sad looking 4 or 5 year old. He had some of his teeth broken off trying to chew through a wire fence. He roamed the streets, and he was in need of some good Vet care and a stable home. He quickly bonded to us and put his big paw print on our hearts, right away. He was especially fond of Brenda, and vice versa. She saw right away, just how special Jason was. He was especially grateful to Brenda, for rescuing him, and followed her everywhere in the days and weeks after he first arrived. Of course he was always waiting for her to walk through the door every day when she arrived at the rescue.
Jason stayed in the bottom kennel for awhile, and then was out and about on the farm. He gradually pushed his way onto the porch and then into our big dining room. There he found a special hiding place under Chuck’s big desk. No amount of coaxing would move that dog, when he was ready for his nap, or bedtime. As Jason gained some weight we begin to notice an odd sway to his back, which gradually developed into arthritis, when it was rainy or we had a sudden change in weather. Jason was given medication and joint minerals, and we made the decision to take him off the adoption list. Numerous times we had people that had come to adopt another dog, ask if they could adopt Jason, but each time we said no. We just weren’t sure if the owner would go the course with a dog with Jason’s hip problems.
Then, along came Emily—a nice gal, and not only knowledgeable about dog care and on a long road to becoming a Doctor.
The odd thing was, she didn’t ask for a senior dog at the beginning, but brought her senior golden with her to meet another one of our dogs. Somehow, Brenda just knew she should ask Emily if she wanted to meet a wonderful senior boy named Jason. Well, it was love at first sight. We had someone who loved senior dogs, who knew the right medication that he would need for his health problems, and we were faced with the decision. Everything felt right, and we told Emily, that we would allow her to adopt our Jason–health problems and all.
He would have a nice bed of his own, and guess what? There is even a place under her desk for him to lay and warm keep her feet, just like Chuck. I wish that I could say it was easy to say goodbye, but it was a rough week waiting for her return. Jason became suspicious during the week and didn’t want to leave Chuck’s side, and when Emily filled out the papers, he got cold feet. In the end, I had to go in the house and do some crying myself. It was tough.
Well, we got him in the truck and he is at his new home tonight. Emily said the children next door were excited and can’t wait to meet another loving dog. I imagine that Jason received a wonderful brushing and hugs from young and old alike when he arrived at his new home.
Yes, this was a hard one—to say good-bye to a good friend and one of the family. Emily promised to bring him down one of these days for a visit in between her exams.
So good luck–Jason–you are loved and we wish you much happiness and good health for your remaining years.
AND THANKS TO EMILY for caring about the senior dogs. Not enough people do, and they can give you so much joy and comfort.

Brenda, Chuck and Nola with Jason.

Brenda, Chuck and Nola with Jason.

I'm Not Coming OUT

I’m Not Coming OUT

Bye Brenda--I'll Always Love YOU!

Bye Brenda–I’ll Always Love YOU!

I'm Ready Now

I’m Ready Now

Come on, Emily, before I change my mind!

Come on, Emily, before I change my mind!


I’m a little slow on posting–my daughter-in-law informed me it is National Dog Day, and thought I should write something special–or maybe post some pictures. RIGHT!!! At 12 Hills Dog Rescue—it seems everyday is a special dog day—this evening we received an adorable 8 week old poodle/schnauzer. She is so sweet—and a little nervous to be in a new place. Tomorrow we will start her health regimen, but for tonight, she is getting used to us and some of our small ones.
So, back to National Dog Day! Should I mention the dogs that we loved and lost? Or, maybe the ones we have helped that were extra-special, or maybe some dogs we have here at the rescue now, still waiting for their families.
Last week we lost our special girl Daisy Mae. She was 10 years old and Chuck’s special shadow. Knowing her time was getting short, she needed to be with him whenever she could. She even sat in the pickup on Sunday mornings while he was in church, and enjoyed riding with him on his Mule. So, this year—it seems fitting to honor Daisy Mae. We will miss you, girl!SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
Mentioning those dogs that we have had for some time come to mind. Dogs like Page, Harley, Chico, Omaha, Jimmy, Emerson–still waiting, for their forever families. We don’t lose hope that they will be adopted. Lu Lu Legs found her family this week, and we are happy for her. Now we have so many others still waiting. . . .
So thanks to all the dogs that have shared their doggie kisses, comfort and love with us over the years. We celebrate knowing each one of you!

Shoes that Feel Good

Shoes??? Why am I talking about shoes?  I had another one of my light bulb moments—and it all started with shoes.

My daughter-in-law, Deanna was walking to our shed, and I remarked about her new shoes.  She said, “These aren’t new, but I love wearing them. So comfortable—and I can wear them all day.” “They just feel good on my feet.”

Now, I am not trying to compare doggies with shoes, so don’t get started. But, think about it.  The dog or pet of any kind should fit you. Your life style, your family, your home, etc.  And. . . . sometimes shoes need to be worn for awhile to make them feel comfortable on your feet.   So, in a way, I am comparing dogs to shoes.

Before you bring a dog into your family, you need to go over some basic facts.

  • Do I have time for a new member of the family?
  • Is my life style busy, quiet?
  • Am I patient enough for a work in progress dog, or do I need one that has no issues. Adult or puppy??

These are just a few of the questions that should come up before you adopt, or bring in a dog, into your family.  Rescue dogs are usually a little different. Just as some shoes need to be broken in when new, dogs  need time to mold to your family and way of life.  They need time to trust you, and sometimes it takes a few weeks, and even a few months.  During that time, patience and love should be administered every day. 

So, what am I saying??? Ask yourself some questions, before you adopt.  Do I have time for a dog in our household? Do I need a dog for comfort, or one that is very active to match my lifestyle?  Do I have the patience needed to work with the issues that I might encounter with a rescue dog? 

Just like buying a new pair of shoes—they should “Feel Good.”

ImageHere is Linus–He is an example of a dog that needs time and patience.  It takes him some time to warm up to you–and he feels safer with teens and adults, especially women. And. . . having another dog in the family makes him feel more comfortable.


In Memory of ” Our Little Man”

In Memory of
Squirt was his name–and he was “One In A Million”. We lost our boy about a month ago, and I guess I need to stop looking in the ditches and fields, as I make my way to the highway. It is time to say good-bye to him and to thank him for the 14 special years we had together.
Squirtie (as we called him) came into our lives when he was just a puppy. He quickly became “our son”, as the rest of the family called him. I think they were just a little jealous–that he was so special to us. When Chuck had surgery, he never left his side–staying almost glued to his body–during those rough days. He would just jump up and curl up next to you–giving you that healing touch that he could do so well. He always seem to know when we were sick, grieving or just tired. I remember him even offering his special healing to Grandma–when she was so ill. Of course she didn’t let him jump up, but I think she appreciated it anyway.

He wasn’t much of a camper, and sometimes created a scene, because he didn’t like being on a leash or tie out in a camping area. He was too important for that–or at least he thought he was. He did love to go for rides and would sit on the console looking for deer or other animals that would catch his eye.

Squirt had his own birthday parties–even sharing one or two with our daughter-in-law. Of course he always got his own cupcake and special treat. He just knew it was his special day and he would hold his head high and soak it up.

Squirt always met everyone at the door with his bottom half wagging. His tail had been docked so short, he just moved his entire hips. Over the years, he went from his slim self to being a “little overweight”, but that didn’t stop his enthusiasm for life.

There are so many memories that I could share—even him sitting on a chair at the table—waiting for his bites—he was “One in a Million.”—and I thank our Creator–for allowing us to be his family for all those years.

Good-bye–my little man—we will miss you—just know you were loved!

I Wonder???

I wonder, do dogs get the winter blahs? Especially those waiting for their forever families? I know that the cold and grey days of winter can take its toll on people. I am a sunshine person, and after a few rainy days or grey days I feel the blahs coming on.  At 12 Hills the dogs get their exercise every day.  Last night when Chuck took the 16 out for their nightly run, I just shook my head.  The dogs were even ready to come in and go to their heated kennels. Sometimes my husband amazes me with his dedication to the dogs we find.  All sizes, shapes and breeds—it doesn’t matter, he does his best to make their stay a good one, and to help them prepare for their new families.

Yes, I do think dogs get the winter blahs, They need an extra love pat, a hug, maybe a biscuit and some kind words. It doesn’t take much and they love it all.  Wouldn’t it be great if people were more

Fluffy is ready for some lovin!

Fluffy is ready for some lovin!

like that?

This Time of Year We Consider our Blessings

Here on the farm–where 12 Hills Dog Rescue is located–we are so thankful for the year 2012. Not only the blessings we have received as a family, but as owners and operators of 12 Hills.

I was looking at my Facebook page and so many are saying what they are thankful for each day of the month. I look out my window and see all the blessings given to us from our Creator.  I also see all the doggies that need homes yet.  Sometimes being a dog rescue is very overwhelming. It seems to take first place over other organizations and causes.  The reason is because, these dogs count on us to feed, care  and love them, every day. There are no days off–they have to eat–their kennels cleaned, etc. It is OK though, we love what we are doing–and we will continue as long as we can. Now to get back to the thankfulness of this message.

ImageWe are so thankful, that God put this mission on our hearts, and that we have met so many wonderful people this past year.  We can’t begin to name all of them.  The great people that adopted our dogs comes to mind. So many nice families have come through here this year. To date we have adopted out almost 150 dogs to good families so far and the year isn’t over yet.  What a wonderful blessing that is!!

So, even if we didn’t name you personally, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the blessings we have been given from each of you.  Thank–you for Caring and Sharing in 2012!

Sisters. . . .and Adorable!!!

Maggie May likes to play!

Take a look at Bootsie (white) and Maggie May(black).  They are the last of the Chow/lab puppies to be adopted. I think we may have saved the best for last.

It took quite awhile for all their hair to grow back–but it is so pretty, now.  To top it off they both have wonderful personalities–love to run and play and are very social. Better yet, they like to cuddle.  They are about 3 months old and ready for their new families.

I'm Bootsie

A New Year—-Changes—Adventures–Good Times—Sad Times–2012 is Here!

A new year has arrived, and it is time to talk about changes, or some call them resolutions. 12 Hills Dog Rescue has begun the new year with a BIG CHANGE!  We moved the dogs into their new 40’x60′ kennel. It is very nice and they seem to be enjoying the heated floor and better lighting. We noted that several of the dogs were upset with the change. It will take a few days for them to adjust and feel comfortable in a new place.  Change is hard for everyone.  But, change is usually good if we examine why we are changing.  I am hoping this year to find better ways of matching dogs to families. I think it will begin with a simple checklist.  I believe in keeping it simple, but sometimes more paperwork is necessary.

Adventures: are always part of running a dog rescue. Each dog can be an adventure–loving-helping them recover from their trauma and restoring them to better physical and emotional health.

Good Times–When a dog and family bond–when we are sent stories and pictures and can see the love and contentment in the dogs eyes–it’s good times for us.

Sad Times— When something bad happens to a dog, it is sad times for us. Pixie, a gal we just adopted this weekend, slipped her collar and ran. She is now loose in the country and frightened and alone.  So far, we haven’t found her. We are praying for good results and that she will find her way to a farm-house and allow someone to bring her back.

Yes, 2012 is here!!!  A new year and a special thanks to all those who gave our doggies forever homes in 2011! We couldn’t have done it without you.

We are Blessed

This is the time of the year that we look back and count our blessings. 12 Hills has had so many blessings this year, it is hard to count them all. We have been blessed with so many wonderful, loving dogs to care for. Dogs that needed love and some special attention., sometimes medical.  We have had some great volunteers this year. From a local 4-H club to a young Mom who did our photography and this blog. Family–who pitch in weekly to help in various ways. Note the picture of our granddaughter who worked almost every day this summer. Friends have made posters, given supplies. Then there have been those who have adopted our dogs–shared their talents with homemade blankets, kerchiefs, and even monies to help purchase supplies.  Last our new fixture, Brenda . . . she works over her allotted time and goes the extra distance for each one of the dogs. Yes, we have had our hands full.  Sometimes, we wanted to even throw our hands up—but in the end, WE ARE BLESSED!