What’s In A Name?

I sometimes wonder what people are thinking when they name their dogs.  I happen to think that naming your dog, like naming your child, should take some thought. Perhaps the name should either match the dog’s personality, or at least the color.

I think Coco, is a great name, but shouldn’t the dog at be the color of cocoa, or at least brown? One of our senior rescues is a small “cream” colored Pekinese, and the other is a Chinese crested black and white in color.

Well, I guess, it doesn’t matter to either of the Coco’s, as they both seem to know and respond to their names, but sometimes I just think too much.

What is in a name anyway? Who am I to judge? I just named 4 of our 5 week old puppies after the “Ninja Turtles!”  What was I thinking??? And I am not even going to tell you what I named the other 3 puppies.  You will have to keep watch see for yourself.

Here Coco—come and get it!!!!IMG_3391 (1024x682)IMG_3358 (1024x682)

Prayers for Sweet Cara

I don’t ask very often, but today I decided I wanted to visit with you about a special doggie gal that is in need of prayers.  Cara is a 3 year old Boxer Mix female, and is with us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. Her story is the same as many others. She had puppies at a young age, and wasn’t given the proper care and nutrition needed.  She was brought here to the rescue and we adopted her to a young college couple. She developed a sore on her back side and after taking her to a nearby Vet, they knew that she needed more care than they could provide.

This same very special Vet performed surgery and removed a very large “Mast Tumor.” We found out a week later that the tumor was malignant stage 3. So, we brought her home and gave her the medication that would help her through the days ahead. Our thoughts were to make her as comfortable and happy as we could in the short time she had left.  We noticed that the tumor had spread, but Cara seems to be healthy, happy and have a good appetite.  Today she was scheduled back to the Vet Clinic to have her stitches removed and visit more about her prognosis. After some discussion we made the decision to give surgery one more try, and continue with some medication and some holistic treatment. Cara will have surgery to remove the 2 remaining tumors on Monday the 31st.

We are asking that you lift Cara up in your prayers in the days ahead. God listens to our prayers. Here is a picture of her. 20150827_171758 (1024x576)


When you operate a dog rescue on your farm, you never know what will happen next.  This weekend was very busy for us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. A busy weekend, but a happy one! We were blessed with 9 adoptions in 2 days.  And one of the 9 was “Old Yeller!”. He is a nice older yellow Lab, that needs a family to love and care for him in his senior years. We believe he found “just the right family!”  A family with 4 beautiful children arrived and were excited to take him home.IMG_1732 (1024x682)

Then we had Lacie–a collie mix that found a new home with a retired couple. Her new parents go to a warmer climate each fall, so we think Lacie will have some exciting adventures ahead of her. IMG_1739 (1024x682)

Then Freida, a shepherd mix and her 5 puppies all went to new homes.  There new families were surprised on how much they had grown since their last visit. Had to show everyone how happy Hamlet’s new sister is, to take him home.

One of Freida's puppies!

One of Freida’s puppies!



Last, but certainly not least was our little gem, Ruby!

Ruby and new family!

Ruby and new family!

So, what does this week bring? The rest of Shine’s puppies will be heading to their new homes.  They have been so much fun to watch as they grew and developed their special personalities.

Besides adopting out the puppies, we will have our hands full with a new yellow male lab that came in.  Poor thing has a terrible ear infection, and received treatment immediately.

Samson is back on his feet, and eating again, and we hope to post pictures when he gains some weight.  We are watching Fancy closely now, as she is close to delivery.  I wonder what her puppies will be like?

Yes, I wonder, I wonder what this week will bring to us at the rescue?


We know that there are Adoption Days held at local businesses where people stop by to look and adopt, but we want 12 Hills Dog Rescue “Adoption Day”, be just a little different, and easier to manage for us. So, March 7th will be our next adoption day, and will be held at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.
We will have this special day from 11:00–4:00 on Saturday, March 7th—here at the rescue. BUT—BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!. So, that means if you are interested in a doggie at our rescue and want to come on Saturday—please call and schedule an appointment with Nola, Chuck or Brenda.
Betty’s puppies were all adopted on Sat. the 20th, so we hope that Louise’s 7 will find homes also that day. AND–we have some other great dogs, that are waiting for just the right families to come and share their love with them.
So, we hope our new idea—“Adoption Day with a Twist!” works the 7th of March and in the weeks ahead.

Champ is Ready!

Champ is Ready!

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill



Let Me Tell You About. . . Hunter

As I was cleaning the kennels yesterday, Jan 3, 2014 I was thinking. . . Yes, I do my best thinking when I am scooping and sweeping. Well, not really, but I do get some new ideas when I am in the kennels with the head phones on.
Let Me Tell You About.. is going to be the new catch phrase for a new page of our website. I hope to tell the readers something special about some of the dogs we have here at the rescue.
I have been told that they like personal notes and descriptions, and not just breed, size, etc.
So, here we go!
Let me tell you about Hunter!
Hunter came to us from 2 very kind hunters that found him by some hay bales. They fed him sandwiches on day one and came back and the little guy was still there, thinner than ever.
They must have seen our sign, because they brought him to us and asked if we could take him.
He was so skinny and bloated and pathetic. We brought him in the sun room with some of the other puppies and began feeding him and giving him the medical attention he needed. His new name–(you guessed it) Hunter.
Hunter has grown into a very handsome young (large)man. We are estimating him at 5 months now and he may weigh 35#. He is a lab shepherd mix. His fur is silky and is coloring is that of a shepherd.
What I wanted to tell you about him is this: He is definitely a people boy. We attempted to move him to the big kennel and he was very upset. After several days of his whining (even when he was outside), we decided he needed to come back in the sun room and back yard.
You guessed it! He is happy and satisfied. The only thing he wants now is a new forever family. Hunter still needs to be neutered, but we are hoping his new family will take on that responsibility. DSCN6572 (640x480)


Oh no, not pits again!  We have several pit puppies that have been acquired through the local animal control, and need help transporting them out of our area.  They are nice doggies, but very hard to find homes in our area, as the Omaha reservation does not allow the breed.  Also neighboring communities have banned the breed and hence the bad name has stuck, and the likelihood of adopting is slim.

I know there are rescues and people out there who love the Pit breeds and we ask for your help at this time.  We are running the rescue from our farm as a labor of love.  Our rescue has grown over the past and the love is there, but the labor is overwhelming. 

We are not asking for monies–but transportation help and for good families to adopt these little puppies.  You can find us online at Petfinder.com and on 12 Hills Dog Rescue on Facebook.  Give us a call at 402-846-5100.

We love them all—-but life can sometimes become overwhelming and the PITS!

Sweet Little Gal—Can’t You Tell???

We named her Roxie, and she came to us from a nice lady, who knew she was in trouble.  She was full of fleas and ticks and pregnant.  Roxie was treated and bathed and is now waiting for the arrival of her puppies in a few days.  She is pretty thin, but hoping for a healthy delivery and some puppies that look like their Mama.

Roxie looks a little like a Westie Mix to us–but we never know.  Look for her picture and her puppies in the days ahead.Image