We know that there are Adoption Days held at local businesses where people stop by to look and adopt, but we want 12 Hills Dog Rescue “Adoption Day”, be just a little different, and easier to manage for us. So, March 7th will be our next adoption day, and will be held at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.
We will have this special day from 11:00–4:00 on Saturday, March 7th—here at the rescue. BUT—BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!. So, that means if you are interested in a doggie at our rescue and want to come on Saturday—please call and schedule an appointment with Nola, Chuck or Brenda.
Betty’s puppies were all adopted on Sat. the 20th, so we hope that Louise’s 7 will find homes also that day. AND–we have some other great dogs, that are waiting for just the right families to come and share their love with them.
So, we hope our new idea—“Adoption Day with a Twist!” works the 7th of March and in the weeks ahead.

Champ is Ready!

Champ is Ready!

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill



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