Meet this Big Guy

This is the story of a special dog that we rescued. His name is Lewie. He didn’t start with that name. He came to us at the age of about 8 weeks. He was skinny, mangy and he melted our hearts with his personality.

We named him Simba after the lion on Lion King. That was our granddaughter’s idea.  We placed his picture online at Petfinder, and had a couple come to look at him from out of state.  They adopted Simba took him home and 3 days later called in tears.  They hadn’t thought it through and realized with the job and internship, etc. one more dog wasn’t going to work. They brought him back, still in tears with a huge apology.  We reassured them that this sometimes happens and they decided to sponsor Lewie at the rescue. Yes, Lewie was now his new name.

Lewie grew tall and lanky and never met a stranger. He loved everyone. That is what caused his first accident. He ran to greet a car, driving up the lane and they ran over his feet.  It was a Saturday afternoon, but the Vet came back to the animal hospital for Lewie’s injury.


The incident turned out to be very painful for Lewie, and required weeks of healing, but we were grateful that there were no broken bones.   So time went on, Lewie received gifts from his sponsors of toys, dog bed, food and treats.  He was one spoiled puppy. Another incident, hole from barb wire, another hole from a dog bite–more trips to the Vet, stitches, medicine.  As you can see, Lewie had a run of not so good luck.

Lewie’s luck has begun to change, and we hope all the bad stuff is behind him. Lewie loves people and wants to be the center of attention when he is in the room. His favorite way of getting your attention is to lean into you, blocking you from moving in any direction.  We assume that is the herding dog in him. Speaking of herding, that is his favorite pastime. He likes herd the cattle–into the pen and out of the pen. Of course, he usually gets in trouble and has to go to time out for while, but that hasn’t seem to dampen his interest in cows, or herding.


By the way, we could use some guidance or direction in what breed you may think Lewie could be.  He weighs around 90lbs. He is 27″ to his shoulders and is 40″ from his nose to the base of his tail.  As you can see in the pictures, he is a golden color and has long legs and a beautiful curvy thick tail.


So if you want to take a guess on his breed-leave us a comment.  It will be interesting to find out if they match what we are guessing.

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