We are Blessed

This is the time of the year that we look back and count our blessings. 12 Hills has had so many blessings this year, it is hard to count them all. We have been blessed with so many wonderful, loving dogs to care for. Dogs that needed love and some special attention., sometimes medical.  We have had some great volunteers this year. From a local 4-H club to a young Mom who did our photography and this blog. Family–who pitch in weekly to help in various ways. Note the picture of our granddaughter who worked almost every day this summer. Friends have made posters, given supplies. Then there have been those who have adopted our dogs–shared their talents with homemade blankets, kerchiefs, and even monies to help purchase supplies.  Last our new fixture, Brenda . . . she works over her allotted time and goes the extra distance for each one of the dogs. Yes, we have had our hands full.  Sometimes, we wanted to even throw our hands up—but in the end, WE ARE BLESSED!

Another New Mama

Katie was pretty heavy when she arrived at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. You might say she was very overweight. I guess a steady diet of powdered eggs could do that to you.  Well, I was right —I diagnosed she was pregnant also, besides being overweight.  Poor Katie–before she had her puppies—we were scared she would burst at the seams.  Well, 5 puppies later, she is starting to regain her shapely figure.  One of the puppies didn’t make it, but we have 4 of the cutest little ones. 2 tan like their Mom, and 2 little black ones with white on  the tips of their toes.  What a good Mama she is—and enjoys having us visit and pet her and the puppies.  They are almost 2 weeks old and their eyes should open soon. We will keep you updated with pictures.

Here is Snowball—the new Mama!

What a good mom she is–to her 6 little Lab puppies.  We think Snowball is part Lab herself.  She is a very sweet gal and has done an amazing job with her little puppies.  She works hard to keep the weight on. After all raising 6 puppies is a BIG job for such a petite little gal.  Her puppies are eating on their own and we will have a picture soon of their messy faces. They will be ready for new homes in 2 weeks, and then Snowball can concentrate on finding her new forever family.

Coonhound Speaks

Wow—dogs have been on lock down for a couple days while they pour cement for the new kennel.  Dogs are upset as they usually go for their evening run each night. The one doggie that is speaking out the most about his displeasure is Jethro the coonhound.  His baying and cries can be heard for miles. Well, at least maybe 2 miles.  He is one upset dog and tells the world.  Jethro is such a cool guy. We received him from animal control and wondered why noone is claiming him.  He was well taken care of –so know he was someone’s special friend.

Speaking of special friend–Jethro would make a great friend for a family. He likes to hang out with you and will even ride if you ask him.  I couldn’t resist this picture. Oh, Jetro, what a big tongue you have  All the better to lick you with. . . . .